We bitched – #Amazon listened.

I can tell you I never expected Amazon to listen. Never. Not in a million years.

But when I blogged about My Letter from Mr. Bezos, I mentioned that Amazon could sweeten the deal. That as an Indie – we don’t get the same tools at our disposal as the major publishing houses, like a pre-order button.

Holy Shit – they listened! I literally just received an email from Amazon. Indies now have a pre-order button!  Whaaaaattttt?

I know a few other authors said the same thing – give us the same features/tools. I am floored and in shock that someone is paying attention. This is why this company is huge. This is why it’s the biggest online retailer. This is why they’re taking over publishing.

They listen. I didn’t know they listened. But they did.

I know this seems like a very brown-nosy post and you’re certainly not accustomed to that attitude coming out of me. I’m so excited about this, that I’m not taking the time to choose my words wisely — I’m just shooting from the hip.

Thank you Amazon!

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