My letter from Mr. Bezos

Ok, technically it wasn’t from him directly, but I did get a letter from “The Amazon Books Team.” What did it say? “Email Hatchett, tell them to stop acting like asshats and CC us.” Okay, that might not be a direct quote, but you get the idea here.

Now, there’s a lot of opinions popping up and my inbox exploded with requests after it became public. Why? Because while Ms. Cox might be only a few years old, as I’ve said in the past, I’ve been writing and publishing for almost a decade.

But Anita, you’re with a publishing house – Liquid Silver. How did you get a letter?

See the paragraph before the last. I self-publish my other works. So yeah, I was asked to basically crash Hatchett’s email server. Um…no thanks.

As I said, others are talking. If you wanna read about Blow Jobs and Dog Butts you can go to my hero’s page. Yeah, yeah, I know he’s a crotchety old fuck who bitches a lot. But he’s a great writer and funny as hell. Oh yeah, he sells a shit-ton of books. So yeah – HERO.

If you wanna read about Being Amazon’s Bitch, you can go check out my co-director at the Erotic Author’s Guild, Selena Kitt. Now Selena and I often have differences of opinion, but I have mad respect for her and she makes excellent points. So go, read her article too. You should get every side of this coin before you come to your own conclusion.

Enough about the other authors, Anita. Tell us what you think!

Okay – here it goes. No, I will not email Hatchett and cc Amazon. Why? It goes back to the training I received YEARS ago in sales. WIIFM(What’s In it For Me?)

I actually benefit from this little pissing match between Hatchett and Amazon. I benefit if Amazon loses and I benefit if Amazon wins. WHAT? That’s right. Let Hatchett collude. I don’t give a shit, they’ll get censured for breaking the law. LET THEM price their eBooks at $30 a piece. Because that leaves the market for me, and those like me, WAY THE FUCK OPEN.  People who are unwilling to buy an eBook for over $10 (and I’m one of those penny-pinching little twats) will look elsewhere. They’ll look at other authors. They’ll forget James Patterson existed because…why buy his eBook for $13.50 when they can get a different book in the same genre for the price of a cup of Starbucks?

Okay, but what if Amazon wins?

This isn’t my fight. As a consumer, yeah, it’s my fight because I don’t want to pay through the nose for an eBook where there’s literally zero manufacturing cost. There’s zero distribution cost, except for the retailer (like Amazon.) They have to maintain the ability to store and distribute the eFiles and as more and more books get uploaded, that ability needs to expand. So ALL of the expense is on Amazon’s shoulders.

If Amazon wins and Hatchett has to offer their books for the same price? Then as long as I have great cover art, they’re now on my level – giving me more exposure. People won’t expect a self-pubbie to be in the same line as the BIG SIX.

It’s a win/win for me. Either way, I really don’t give much of a shit. And Amazon has given me no incentive to fight for them. I know there are authors that bitch about Amazon and I’m not really one of them. It’s easy to publish on Amazon. It’s not easy to make it to their top-sellers list, but that’s on me — to write great books and market like a maniac.

Some authors bitch that Amazon will take down their books. Uh, yeah, if you have topics in your books that they find offensive, then they are under zero obligation to sell them.  This is the same with any retail outlet. This is why record labels have to issue censored CDs. Because another giant (WalMart) won’t sell explicit music. It’s quite literally SALES 101.

And… as such, if you want to write about rape and incest then spend a little of your time and money and make your own publishing house – or submit to one that accepts it. Don’t blame Amazon for having standards.

Honestly, I think Hatchett is acting like a truck-load of idiots and I agree with Konrath – they’re getting their authors to act like a truck load of idiots too.

There are two titans fighting and I’m not getting in the middle of it. I’m just a little piss ant toward the upper bottom of the food chain. I’m not even making enough money at this to pay my mortgage, so leave me out of it.

This is how I feel about the situation. You may or may not agree but Selena is right – Amazon could sweeten the deal for us a bit.

Hatchett could pull their over-sized head out of their over-sized ass and think about their FANS. Because you can smear Bezos and Amazon all you want in the public eye. You look like a child throwing a temper tantrum because you didn’t get enough lunch money from the kid you just beat up. I am that kid. I am a major BUYER of books. I buy books every single month and guess whose books I’ve stopped buying?  Yours.



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