Taking a step back

This isn’t easy but I’ve decided to take a step back. When Facebook took my pages, they took my business. Without a human to talk to, there’s nothing left for me to do. It took me 10 years to build this business and it was gone in a day. Communication with my fans…gone in a day. All that is left is a fan page I cannot even post on.

I have tons of ideas for books but how do I get back what I lost?

I’m moving

I’m moving

Okay so with my Facebook page in limbo status, with no promise to return, and a webpage that had to be rebuilt from the top up, there have been some changes. I mean, if I have to rebuild, why not go ahead and streamline. Right?

So the new blog is still a wordpress blog, but it’s attached to my website: http://authoranitacox.com/blog/

And my new FB Fan page is HERE. It’s fairly sparse at the moment, but hey, I’m rebuilding. There’s not only dust, there’s an echo, echo, echo…

If life has taught  me anything it’s not always have another alternative, so I’m not deleting this page. It’ll stay right here with this post at the top.

Thank you for your years of support.

With Love,


Goodbye #Facebook

So, a month ago someone reported me as as impersonating myself. My original account was locked and I sent them my driver’s license and promptly signed up for LifeLock since, you know, I had to send my driver’s license over the fucking internet.

Within 5 minutes of getting my account restored, I was immediately locked out of my Anita Cox account. So, I sent all my pertinent information to facebook again. Because yes, I do have the required documents to prove that I am also Anita Cox. See, I’m an author, writing under a pseudonym. It’s totally allowed; see countless relevant articles about writers, journalists, drag queens, etc. who had the same fight over using their authentic name, and pseudonym.

I have to say after trying diligently for a month, even Comcast has better customer service than Facebook (which is completely non-existent.) You can only fill out forms, which go unanswered.

So, I have no access to my groups…which is how most authors connect. I have no access to the multiple accounts I used FB to sign on with because…I was stupid enough to trust Facebook. Hell, I even have NO ACCESS to my own fan page. Sweet.

The sad part is, I know who is responsible. I know who reported me and created this mess. It’s the same internet bully who has given so much grief to other authors in the romance community because he has nothing better to do.

I have four books that are getting ready to be released. Four. And I have no access to the largest social media platform whatsoever. Awesome.


#mynameis Anita Cox – Never Trust Facebook

I haven’t been on facebook much the last few months. I suffered a back injury and honestly, I would have done nothing but whine. So I kept my posting/scrolling to a minimum.

But I’m in groups on facebook that are important, groups I’ve PAID to have access to. I’ve taken expensive training courses where updated material is added.

On May 19th, I went to my millionth doctor’s appointment for my back injury. As I waited to see the doc, I pulled up facebook and bam…I was suspended and had to prove my identity.

Screenshot 2017-05-19 12.05.53

I apparently impersonated myself. So fine, I reluctantly sent them my driver’s license. After FIVE hours and several messages, my regular profile was reinstated. The minute it was, they shut down my Anita Cox profile.

Insert tears.

So I’ve paid for courses through Nick Stevenson and Mark Dawson. This has given me access to private groups and content. I can no longer get to those groups. I imagine if I contact them, they’ll help me out, but that’s my time, and theirs, robbed because of Facebook.

Then….there’s my fan page. I am the only admin on my fan page so now, I’ve lost SIX YEARS worth of work. I’ve sent them signed contracts, mail, etc. and still…I’m banned. BANNED!

There’s literally no customer service at Facebook. There are bots that spit out responses…maybe. I’ve received no response from them whatsoever, I’m just still locked out.

We live in a day in age where everyone is on social media. We also live in a world where identities are stolen all the time. Why does Zuckerburg and his underlings need my driver’s license, bank statements, mail, and other identifying information JUST TO BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA? Jesus, it was easier to get a home loan than to prove I am Anita Cox? That I operate as Anita Cox, have for years. They’re costing me time, money, anxiety.

There’s no guarantee I’ll ever see my page again. None. No one to reason with over at FuckupyourlifeBook.

They want this information so they can share it–so they can expose you. Forget the money I’ve spent on ads with Facebook. Forget that my BUSINESS is attached. They can rip away your contact with the world…just because.

And don’t give me the Community Standards bullshit. There are TONS of people online who operate under a pseudonym. Tons. Authors and other professionals use them all the time. Facebook has made it so that you cannot reply to people during events and whatnot from your fanpage. They made this mess and you have to try to navigate the waters that they change at whim…because they can.

And after SEVEN years of being on facebook as Anita Cox they rip it all away in ONE day. My contacts, my livelihood…threatened by them for no apparent reason.

So, I’m going to sit here binge eating Hershey Bars, chasing it with strong coffee while I figure out how to proceed. If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll stick some xanax in the next chocolate bar and just slip away into the night, never to be heard from again.

We need a different platform. We need one that will be easy for people to switch to because this…this is awful and I’m not the first, nor the last, person this has happened to. One author’s post I just read quit writing entirely. She was doing very well until some dickweed reported her for impersonation. It was all downhill from there.

Keeping in Touch

There are so many blogs out there and over the years I’ve seen less and less traffic. So I’m trying something different.

Sign up for my newsletter. It will go out once or twice a month after the initial set-up responders (confirm your subscription, here’s your gift, etc.)

That’s it. In return, you’ll get exclusive content, freebies, and first looks. I still want to continue to interact with my readers, but this is a much more direct way. Don’t worry, I’ll never spam you, give out your info, etc.


Writers: Marketing

A short and sweet post to my colleagues:

My last post was all about spammers and scammers. It’s really difficult to know what to do. But I did find a post with some really great info from Joanna Penn. You can find it here:

Marketing Your Book

I hope you find it useful.

Spammers and Scammers

Spammers and Scammers

Oh my dear author babies. There are so many people out to get you.

no-spam-1444548-639x629 There are a lot of assholes out there who will give you rotten advice, but the worst, has to be to advertise, NONSTOP, especially to other authors. When someone accepts your friend request, do not instantly send them a PM to like your page, vote for you, etc. Don’t tag all of your new friends in posts about your book. It’s asshattery at it’s finest.

Don’t be this guy. asshat

But there’s a specific kind of predator I’d like to warn you about. My mailbox is FULL of this trash. There are those out there who are making a KILLING, selling you the $5 secret to building your mailing list, or fan page, or the Secret to Making THOUSANDS through Kindle.

Don’t. Do. It. Don’t click on their link. Don’t send them your hard earned money. You’ll make them richer and there’s very little in the way of solid advice. What they’ll do is get you on the hook to send them another $5, $10, or more.

Spend your money on cover art, editing, marketing, advertising. But don’t support these vampires whose only purpose is to suck you dry. They have websites, YouTube Channels, and self-help books galore.

The only thing they’re good at is selling you a dream.

Buyer Beware.

Why don’t I settle already?

Why don’t I settle already?

“Anita, you should settle on one genre and stick with it. You’re all over the place.”giphy


Yes, this was sent to me. And NO I’m not going to listen. It’s like this…I have stories in my head, and yeah, there are authors out there who write in ONE genre and ONE genre only. They tell the same goddamned story over and over again. Insert new characters, change plot detail, chew, swallow, puke it back up, and start again. And yes, they make a shit ton of money doing that.

I have plots written down for various different stories and yep, you guessed it, they’re in different genres. I’m not a cookie cutter author and I never colored between the lines. Stories that are outlined or partially written already include: More shifters, More aliens, A Motorcycle Club Romance, Murder/Mystery/Romantic Suspense, a BDSM that is written and chilling on the back burner, and then the super secret project I’m dying to talk about. All but one is erotic. Because I’m A-NIT-A COX!

Nope, I’m not a NYT Best Seller – yet. I’ve only hit Amazon’s Top 100 twice and those were for bargains. Bookbub has turned me down countless times. But I’m not here for them. I’m here for you. I’m here for me. And maybe, I will make a few bucks in the meantime. Maybe not.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last decade in this business is that like assholes everyone also has an opinion. And like assholes, they usually stink.

Peace out,

Anita Cox


Chasing my tail

OH LAWDY! It’s August 1st already. What the hell happened to 2016?

The year has been a blur thus far. Receiving my rights back from Liquid Silver Books on the Dirty White Candy series, means they were all recovered and re-released this year through Syn Publishing.

That took some work.Web  Web  Web

In March, I released my very first Sci-Fi Alien Romance.KINDLE

I also attended my very first multi-author book signing at the North Iowa Book Bash! I rubbed elbows with awesome artists such as Sidda Lee Rain, Ella Dominguez, Jenna Jacob and more! I was even fortunate enough to win a table at next year’s event.

Now, as for the remainder of the year…I am working on a super secret project and while I do want to spill the beans, all I can say is that I signed a confidentiality agreement! When I can tell you, I’ll scream it from the mountain tops.

Also, I’m involved in a Winter Anthology through Lavish Publishing. For my contribution, I’ve added 3.5 into the Shifter Chronicles. For the Anthology, the version will be PG-13, but for those who like erotic romance, I’ll be publishing a full-length, sexed up version. I don’t believe cover reveals are all that big of a deal, so I’ll share it with you now. 😀 See, Miss Anita loves you!

Christmas Surprise

In this installment, we get a good look at the Special Forces division of FOSE and Jake’s obsession with Nala’s human friend, Susan. We may even get to find out who is behind the Separatist movement!

There is one more project I’m trying to finish this year, and that’s a Romantic Suspense/Crime Fiction novel. I’m not sure if I can squeeze it in, but if not, it’ll be early 2017 as I’ve already been working on it.

If you love sneak peeks and other surprises, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

I loved a book with bad reviews!

This should be a lesson to authors who toil over bad reviews.

I just finished Scott Weiland’s Biography. I absolutely loved it.


The book has some…not so kind reviews, including some 1-star bashing. I, however, really enjoyed it. It was a great insight into a life of stardom, struggling with addiction, even as a child, as well as his struggles in love.

Sure, this doesn’t give every secret, every detail, but really, I couldn’t put it down. And if  I can’t put it down, then I count that as a great read.

Yes, it was sad. I’m reading about how he was enjoying his sobriety, taking it serious, feeling better. Yet, he’s dead. From chasing the dragon. So yeah, that sucked.

But if you are an STP fan, I suggest giving this a read.