Reviews that make me whole!

Any novelist will tell you, there are moments of self-doubt.  When reviews come in, we read them with great trepidation. Will they like it? Will they hate it? Should I even be writing? 

As I start receiving reviews I find a renewed sense of purpose.  The latest review from Romance Reviews is a 4-star wonder that made me leap out of my seat. The reviewer Delta had this to say:

THE BEGINNING is book 1 in the Dirty White Candy series by the fabulously named Anita Cox. At first, I thought of this story as basically a series of erotica featuring Candy and her exploits. As I got more into the story, I felt a kinship with Candy and a “you go girl” attitude to her taking charge of her sexuality and not feeling ashamed for testing out every water she can.

I’ve received other 4-star goodies that lifted up the writer in me.  Victorious Reviews and this to say:

The author leaves nothing to the imagination; it will grab your attention and pulls you in the story line. You can feel the emotion of the characters; it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was intriguing, provocative and dazzling.