Why don’t I settle already?

Why don’t I settle already?

“Anita, you should settle on one genre and stick with it. You’re all over the place.”giphy


Yes, this was sent to me. And NO I’m not going to listen. It’s like this…I have stories in my head, and yeah, there are authors out there who write in ONE genre and ONE genre only. They tell the same goddamned story over and over again. Insert new characters, change plot detail, chew, swallow, puke it back up, and start again. And yes, they make a shit ton of money doing that.

I have plots written down for various different stories and yep, you guessed it, they’re in different genres. I’m not a cookie cutter author and I never colored between the lines. Stories that are outlined or partially written already include: More shifters, More aliens, A Motorcycle Club Romance, Murder/Mystery/Romantic Suspense, a BDSM that is written and chilling on the back burner, and then the super secret project I’m dying to talk about. All but one is erotic. Because I’m A-NIT-A COX!

Nope, I’m not a NYT Best Seller – yet. I’ve only hit Amazon’s Top 100 twice and those were for bargains. Bookbub has turned me down countless times. But I’m not here for them. I’m here for you. I’m here for me. And maybe, I will make a few bucks in the meantime. Maybe not.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last decade in this business is that like assholes everyone also has an opinion. And like assholes, they usually stink.

Peace out,

Anita Cox


Chasing my tail

OH LAWDY! It’s August 1st already. What the hell happened to 2016?

The year has been a blur thus far. Receiving my rights back from Liquid Silver Books on the Dirty White Candy series, means they were all recovered and re-released this year through Syn Publishing.

That took some work.Web  Web  Web

In March, I released my very first Sci-Fi Alien Romance.KINDLE

I also attended my very first multi-author book signing at the North Iowa Book Bash! I rubbed elbows with awesome artists such as Sidda Lee Rain, Ella Dominguez, Jenna Jacob and more! I was even fortunate enough to win a table at next year’s event.

Now, as for the remainder of the year…I am working on a super secret project and while I do want to spill the beans, all I can say is that I signed a confidentiality agreement! When I can tell you, I’ll scream it from the mountain tops.

Also, I’m involved in a Winter Anthology through Lavish Publishing. For my contribution, I’ve added 3.5 into the Shifter Chronicles. For the Anthology, the version will be PG-13, but for those who like erotic romance, I’ll be publishing a full-length, sexed up version. I don’t believe cover reveals are all that big of a deal, so I’ll share it with you now. 😀 See, Miss Anita loves you!

Christmas Surprise

In this installment, we get a good look at the Special Forces division of FOSE and Jake’s obsession with Nala’s human friend, Susan. We may even get to find out who is behind the Separatist movement!

There is one more project I’m trying to finish this year, and that’s a Romantic Suspense/Crime Fiction novel. I’m not sure if I can squeeze it in, but if not, it’ll be early 2017 as I’ve already been working on it.

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I loved a book with bad reviews!

This should be a lesson to authors who toil over bad reviews.

I just finished Scott Weiland’s Biography. I absolutely loved it.


The book has some…not so kind reviews, including some 1-star bashing. I, however, really enjoyed it. It was a great insight into a life of stardom, struggling with addiction, even as a child, as well as his struggles in love.

Sure, this doesn’t give every secret, every detail, but really, I couldn’t put it down. And if  I can’t put it down, then I count that as a great read.

Yes, it was sad. I’m reading about how he was enjoying his sobriety, taking it serious, feeling better. Yet, he’s dead. From chasing the dragon. So yeah, that sucked.

But if you are an STP fan, I suggest giving this a read.

#Giveaway to Celebrate my Re-Release

I finally received the rights to the last book in my Dirty White Candy series back from Liquid Silver Books. I don’t regret publishing with them. Every experience we have, we can learn from. However, I was never happy with the covers, and the price of the books kept going up, as sales went down.

They were pleasant when I asked for my rights back. They did ask why, and I gave them an honest answer. Still, they terminated my contracts when they expired and here I am. They’ve been republished with Syn Publishing, with great new covers.

In celebration of their re-release, Book 1, The Beginning will be FREE from June 26-30. You can grab your copy HERE.



Ulterior Designs – Ella Dominguez


Book one of a new-adult romance duet.

Warning: This book is designed for readers 18+ due to language and graphic sexual content.

A blueprint for desire …

With a shared passion for breathing life into an unconventional dream home, the attraction between a struggling new grad of interior design and an award-winning architect with eclectic sexual tastes is irresistible. But with a cloud of lies and loss hanging over him, the only arrangement Logan wants is one of indulgence and pleasure. However, fate seems to have another design plan in mind for them—a plan that ultimately leads them down a path of desire and discovery.

When the man obsessed with creating his unusual home sets his sights on the woman who keeps unknowingly navigating her way back to him, lust clouds his judgment and he makes an inappropriate proposition. After nearly blowing his chances with the talented and alluring beauty, he readjusts his plans, because it just so happens that his sexy ulterior motives go hand-in-hand with her expertise in interior design.

Though Chloe may be young and naïve in Logan’s eyes, she sees him for who and what he is: a man with severe commitment issues. But she’s optimistic—maybe too optimistic. And she isn’t easily deterred or scared away either, not even by the unusual nature of his design plans or his eclectic sexual tastes. In fact, she’s intrigued by them. Faced with a man who can give her not only the experience she needs to propel her career, but everything she’s ever fantasized about, she hopes that their physical and intellectual compatibility can prevail over his fears. And more importantly, that they can move forward to become not only design collaborators, but partners on a deeper level.








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Copyright Ella Dominguez, 2016

“Make yourself come.”

The look on Logan’s face was new, different, and the urgency in his voice more demanding. The three words Logan had spoken with casual ease sent a shock wave of embarrassment and riot of emotions through her. Sitting idly and uneasily with her knees pulled up and her hands resting on her stomach, blood rushed to her cheeks.

She had never done that in front of anyone. Not to completion, anyway. She recalled a few years earlier overhearing a classmate tell about how she and her boyfriend had played with themselves in front of each other. The mortification it had elicited within her was something she remembered well, and a self-conscious giggle floated up from her throat at the thought of someone watching her, most especially the man whose opinion meant everything to her.

Chloe hesitated for only a moment when Logan stood upright and glared down at her.

A gust of wind whipped against the window and momentarily drowned out the man’s voice singing about Control. She opened her mouth and when the words I can’t slipped past them, Logan pushed her knees apart and kneeled between them to silence her with a finger pressed to her lips.

“She can’t,” he whispered with a light shake of his head. His tone was nondescript, and there wasn’t a hint of contemptuousness or sarcasm in his next statement. “Haven’t you figured out yet what makes this thing between us work? What will continue to make it work? Or, should I draw you a schematic or sketch you a diagram?”

Bewildered and taken aback by Logan’s questions and the intensity of his gaze, she awkwardly stretched out on the chair without saying anything. When he stood, gripped his shaft and commented offhandedly in a tone as if he was speaking to a child—see, this is how you do it—while slowly stroking himself into a full-blown erection, her face heated with humiliation again.

A moment later, he spoke more purposefully. “I enjoy being with you, but my demands aren’t up for negotiation, so I need you to listen carefully.” Stroke. “When we’re together …” stroke, “… you do as you’re told.” Stroke. “As. You’re. Told,” he repeated with calm tenacity.

Doing as she was told was a nice idea in theory, but Chloe had serious doubts as to its practical application. During sex, sure—no problem. She liked Logan being in control of her pleasure. But in real life? She wasn’t the kind of woman to lie down, so to speak, for any one. Logan was pushing her too hard and too fast in his attempt to try and prove something, but what he was trying to prove was beyond her comprehension. At any rate, her mind was too clouded with excitement to attempt to figure it out.

As she lay tensely waiting for his next move, she made the mistake of meeting his eyes. The burn of heat in their shadowed depths urged her forward and it was as if she was watching herself from above when her hand slid down her belly and between her legs. Fingers glided over her labia and a digit swirled around her clit before dipping inside, she watched as one side of Logan’s mouth tipped into a sated grin.

Hate waiting for the next book? Don’t worry, Interior Motives (House of Evans, Book Two) is set for publication on July 16.


About the Author

In addition to being a writer, Ella is a mom, a wife, a respiratory therapist, and a lover of ukuleles and unicorns. She was born and raised in a sexually conservative, strict Christian household in the Bible Belt of the USA. This upbringing and repression contributed to her wicked imagination, and writing has become a pleasurable and satisfying outlet for her fantasies. At the mature age of forty, she mustered up the courage to share her thoughts and put pen to paper. She sincerely hopes to find her niche in writing romance in all forms, be it dark romance, romantic comedy, psychological thrillers and paranormal.

She doesn’t consider herself an author, rather, an avid reader above all else and someone who simply writes the stories that the characters in her head tell her to.

Find Ella

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Politics & Religion – I’m going there

There is an unspoken rule that authors should steer away from any discussion regarding religion or politics because it could offend potential fans. Well, okay, it’s not an unspoken rule, actually, there are a lot of advice blogs insisting on this advice.

But today, I’m going to break this rule. Because after holding in every opinion for years, it has to come out and today is the day I’m going to do it. I am prepared for the nasty comments, though there shouldn’t be any. I am a human with an opinion and why can’t I share my views too? Right? Well it doesn’t always work out that way.

See my real issue is with my fellow Americans. We are a diverse bunch and with the exception of pure blooded Native Americans, our heritage comes from every corner of the planet. (Yes, I know, it’s round. There are no corners.) So I will break this down into chunks:


My background: I grew up going to church two to three times a week. I even went to bible camp in the summer. I started in a Gospel church, switched to a Wesleyan church, landed in a Non-Denominational church and now…I don’t go to church. I don’t even want to be called a Christian. First, I sin entirely too much for that moniker. Second, I don’t want to be associated with the fanatics out there who want to brow beat anyone who doesn’t follow their specific set of rules. Fuck that.

My issue: Google religious stats in the U.S. Just to speed up the process, click on Images instead of the links and you’ll see just how diverse the stats are. The numbers aren’t consistent but what is consistent is that we are diverse. There are many religions, and a large number of those with no religion at all. I can’t say I blame those who are Atheist or Agnostic. I mean really, religion has been and continues to be violent. Many religious wars have taken place over the years and a lot of blood has been shed in the name of God.

Yet, whenever a political issue arises, people want to cite biblical references. HOLD PLEASE. We have freedom of religion in this country. Your religious beliefs and laws are not synonymous. I know, I know, many feel religion is at the epicenter of their moral core. Is it? Is it really? Because there are plenty of those who believe in no god that still have a solid moral core.

Beliefs are NOT fact. I believe liver and onions might be the most disgusting dish on the face of the planet. It is my mother’s favorite meal. So…my belief is not her fact. There is a monumental difference.

The real problem? People become argumentative, hateful, spiteful and verbally abusive when it comes to their religious beliefs. Think I’m wrong? First, remove children and pets from the room. Then, troll some posts on Facebook about the trans/bathroom issue.


My background: I started off a young Republican voter. Now…there really isn’t a party that represents my ideals. There isn’t one person I’ve ever felt excited to vote for since I turned 18 and registered to vote. I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal. So who do I vote for? My choices are always dumb and dumber so… yeah. I cry every time I have to vote.

My issues: I have an Aussie friend that asked me to explain our election process. See, across the pond where she lives, the candidates are only allowed to campaign for a very short amount of time, then the voters vote. It was a long response to explain the campaign process from the Primary Election to the General Election. Then she was blown away when I told her the difference between the popular vote versus the Electoral College. Nope, the president is not elected by the people. Ever.

This year, the protesters have gotten so bad, so violent, it really shows how fear driven and angry our society has become. Political cartoons have been replaced by internet memes and propaganda driven to promote fear of the opposition.

Quite frankly, they’ve all scared the hell out of me. By ‘they’ I mean the candidates. My husband and I both knew it would come down to Trump v. Clinton before the elections even began. It was obvious. Why? That’s where the media attention went.

When I went to the polls and had to choose to vote Democrat or Republican I wanted to tell the woman ‘neither’ but that wasn’t an option. My ‘party’ was choosing their candidate. So I had to choose a ‘party’. I’d rather rip my own eyes out but hey… it’s a process.

Honestly, I almost wrote in Anonymous. It wouldn’t matter either way but at least it would be a solid statement.

I do not understand why my fellow countrymen cannot respectfully disagree on anything. I don’t know why it has to turn so violent, so spiteful, so hateful…

I do not understand why my fellow countrymen insist that their way is the only way and if you disagree, you are called every name in the book…

I do not understand why my fellow countrymen cannot, for one second, recall history. Our politicians don’t come though on their promises.

Like the meme says, I wish they had to wear suits like NASCAR drivers, so at least you’d know who their sponsors are.


These problems are not new. And it begs to recall a song released in 1970 by Black Sabbath. I give you: WAR PIGS

Generals gathered in their masses,

just like witches at black masses.

Evil minds that plot destruction,

sorcerer of death’s construction.

In the fields the bodies burning,

as the war machine keeps turning.

Death and hatred to mankind,

poisoning their brainwashed minds…Oh lord yeah!


Politicians hide themselves away

They only started the war

Why should they go out to fight?

They leave that role to the poor


Time will tell on their power minds

Making war just for fun

Treating people just like pawns in chess

Wait `till their judgement day comes, yeah!


Now in darkness, world stops turning,

ashes where the bodies burning.

No more war pigs have the power,

hand of god has struck the hour.

Day of judgement, god is calling,

on their knees the war pigs crawling.

Begging mercy for their sins,

Satan, laughing, spreads his wings…Oh lord, yeah!

Asshat of the Day, Cinco de Mayo Edition




Dear Lord…SWEET BABY JESUS! It takes a special kind of tool to drag me back to a blog where I haven’t had much to say.

First, for those of you not ‘in the know’, authors, cover artists, and yes, even publishing houses use stock art. These photos are not exclusive and can be used more than once. Probably numerous times. There’s a group on goodreads (sorry, I tried to find it again but just gave up) that literally pokes fun at similar covers.

This article sort of touches on that very topic. It’s very likely that if you go looking, you’ll find the exact same photo on more than a few books. You can pay for exclusive photos, but those are salty.


Okay, she’s discovered a similar cover. It happens. But Thieves? Really? Because this shit happens all of the time…rookie.

Screenshot 2016-05-06 03.30.41


“Seriously, They (sic) just took off his beard and filtered it. FUCK THAT” Uh, no. I’ve seen this pic before. This author put the beard on the guy (poorly, I might add.) But she didn’t bother to correct her croanie. Screenshot 2016-05-06 03.35.15


Now here, Ms. Shaw tries to tactfully defend herself. (Bravo for not losing your shit, by the way.) Let me direct you to the last comment by the asshat. “and not even a book no ones heard of but a pretty popular book.” Really princess? Because I’ve never heard of you or your book. It’s great to have self-confidence, but you passed that intersection a long time ago.

By the way, I never heard of you until now and this is the impression you left. You’re rude, arrogant, lack common sense and decency and probably needs to hire a PR firm…that no one else has ever heard of. You know…just in case.

Screenshot 2016-05-06 03.39.14

She continued on her book page…to insult Shaw MORE by comparing her to children. By the way, “Now who looks like a child?” You do.

Seriously. Then, Captain Obvious acknowledges that starting Twitter fights isn’t the best business decision. Excuse me…you posted a link to an author’s book on social-fucking-media and called her a thief. Twitter is open so you can respond. No one butted in, this woman tried to defend the name SHE worked for that YOU were trying to smear, fuckbucket.

This fine specimen continues to tweet to herself. If her book is anything like her tweets, I’m sure she gets a lot of returns.

Screenshot 2016-05-06 03.43.54

Meredith drinks a lot of wine, but perhaps you mean whiny? The last tweet? I. Just. Can’t.

We are a community. We should support one another. I’ve met so many fantastic authors, readers, bloggers…all who support one another.

For 10 years I’ve not called out another author. I have never said one negative word and gave an author’s name. You, my dear, earned screenshots. Congrats!