I’m moving

I’m moving

Okay so with my Facebook page in limbo status, with no promise to return, and a webpage that had to be rebuilt from the top up, there have been some changes. I mean, if I have to rebuild, why not go ahead and streamline. Right?

So the new blog is still a wordpress blog, but it’s attached to my website: http://authoranitacox.com/blog/

And my new FB Fan page is HERE. It’s fairly sparse at the moment, but hey, I’m rebuilding. There’s not only dust, there’s an echo, echo, echo…

If life has taught  me anything it’s not always have another alternative, so I’m not deleting this page. It’ll stay right here with this post at the top.

Thank you for your years of support.

With Love,


#Giveaway to Celebrate my Re-Release

I finally received the rights to the last book in my Dirty White Candy series back from Liquid Silver Books. I don’t regret publishing with them. Every experience we have, we can learn from. However, I was never happy with the covers, and the price of the books kept going up, as sales went down.

They were pleasant when I asked for my rights back. They did ask why, and I gave them an honest answer. Still, they terminated my contracts when they expired and here I am. They’ve been republished with Syn Publishing, with great new covers.

In celebration of their re-release, Book 1, The Beginning will be FREE from June 26-30. You can grab your copy HERE.



It takes thick skin to survive the vipers

I always look forward to opening my private messages on facebook, which are usually full of dudes with horrid pickup lines. Today, I found this little gem by Von’te Banks.

UntitledReally? Shoot your fucking self? I don’t think I need to go into how repulsive this is since suicide and depression are real problems for real people…and that families suffer.

Wait, it gets better.

So I clicked over to Amazon to find (s)he left 1star reviews on Books 2 & 3 but no review on Book 1. First, they aren’t verified purchases, so I’d like to know (if (s)he actually read the books) how she got his/her nasty little hands on my books. Second, (s)he’s only ever left two reviews – only on my books. I went ahead and took a screen shot just in case my little vixen decided to correct that error.

stacy cNow everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion and if you hate a book so much as to leave a 1-star review, that is your prerogative. However, his/her motives are unclear but her goal was clear.

Asshat (1)
Does this bother me? Hell no.  Clearly, this person has some issues. Telling someone to kill themselves is as low as it gets. Because these aren’t verified purchases and due to the fact that she forgot to blast Book 1.

But instead of being an asshat, (s)he just looks like (s)he has his/her own head up said ass. There’s no reason to speak to someone this way. There’s no reason to send an author a private message telling them to commit suicide. This is the lowest form of low.


If it’s publicity (s)he wants, I’ve just given it to him/her. If it’s an attitude adjustment (s)he needs well…

This doesn’t bother me because professional reviewers have given me 4 & 5 star reviews. This doesn’t bother me because I know my self-worth and some chicken-shit that sends me a nastygram then blocks me so I cannot reply is not the type of thing to break me.

It’s given me a good laugh Von’te Banks, (whose looking for a good cover artist for her own books.) I’m not going to get twisted in knots over your malicious private message. I’m not going to cry because of your malevolent words on Amazon. I’m going to wish you the best instead. I’m going to congratulate you on your attempt to publish a novel.Then I’m going to sit back and….


Why didn’t I follow my own advice?

Warning: This will be a serious post until the end… where I promise some sexy and some funny just to keep it Cox. This is my most giffy post to date!

A little background on Momma Cox for you. I’m German, Irish and Indian. Clearly, more German and Irish than anything.  What this means is that I’m fun to drink with, and prefer laughter over anything else but I have a wicked ass temper that sometimes leads me to trouble.

And, while I know every rule in the book, I break them occasionally in a fit of rage moment of stupidity.  Yesterday, I did something I’ve never done before. I trolled a page – it was a page against Planned Parenthood. My intention was to inflame these fucking idiots and watch the carnage.



What ended up really happening was that I got pissed.  The flames of rage boiled inside of me until I argued with these idiots for hours. Yes, hours. I don’t have this kind of time. I’m working on two novels. I’m also the publicist for a rock band I’m launching and I’m not getting enough sleep. headdesk

I have nothing against Pro-Life activists. They want to argue Roe v. Wade until the cows come home, that’s cool. There’s plenty of Pro-Choicers out there armed to the gills with information and time to argue with them.

But BUT BUT BUT!!!!  When you start condemning contraception and sex education?explosion

What the ever loving FUCK?  We need MORE sex education.  Not less. We need to teach young adults that there are all KINDS of sex they can practice safely that has zero risk of pregnancy and practicing safe(r) sex reduces risk to their health, the health of others and unwanted pregnancy.

This specific page targets Planned Parenthood because they apparently offer abortion. I can tell you, the Planned Parenthood locations around my area do not do this. They provide free or low cost contraception, from oral contraception to condoms. They educate as well.  They are an under-appreciated resource, IMHO. Correction – they do offer the morning-after pill which I guess is abortion. Whatever, I’m not debating abortion.

In a world where teenage pregnancy is glorified through TV, I feel better knowing there are organizations out there to help girls prevent it. 200

I want less of that. I want more strong, successful and educated women. Not 15 year old girls raising babies.

Now because this post has been way too serious for my taste, I’m going to leave you with something delicious.

oh robert
Oh Robert!


rdj 2
Yes! Yes you are!


Just a little.


200 (1)

200 (4)
On My Way Baby!

200 (3)

How to Masturbate – The Powerful Woman

Okay, so it’s not big secret that my Dirty White Candy series was less about romance (but there’s romance in it,) and more about the incredible sexual journey of the main character, Candy Kavana.

The main theme through all of my books (remembering I write non-erotic fiction as Kim Mullican) is a strong, empowered woman. I like strong women. I want to be Sarah Conner wielding an AR-15 saving the world from future robots… okay, that’s a bit of a stretch, but still.

I’ve found a channel on YouTube called Sexplanations. The channel host is Dr. Lindsey Doe, a Clinical Sexologist and she’s prepared to talk openly and honestly about sex.

With the erotic romance genre thriving, and the general population moving further from Victorian Era women-shaming, we are now more free to experience our sexuality with less guilt, less shaming and less stress.

And we already know, stress is a libido killer.

Anywhooo – Dr. Linsey talks in this video about masturbation. She talks about how to scratch that itch in various ways and to keep healthy. She stresses that masturbation is health care – ehem – for down there.

Don’t take my twisted-ass word for it – watch it.

#Covergasm Blog #Giveaway

Covergasm Hop
It’s all about the covers! Covers are what entices a reader to click and learn more about your book. So this hop… is all about covers.
Stop by each blog to check out their favorites! There will be a giveaway at each stop plus a grand prize giveaway of an Amazon Gift Card! Happy Hopping!
book coverCover 1

These are the print versions of my books which vary slightly from the eBook covers and I think they’re hot hot hot!


1 LUCKY WINNER will receive the entire print version of the trilogy and 1 will receive the same in eBook. Follow the hop (click on the first pic above) and enter to win more prizes. But don’t just click the rafflecopter link. At the top left of this blog is a button to follow my newsletter. If you do that, I’ll enter your hat in the ring 5 BONUS POINTS!

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200 Prizes, $100 Grand Prize

This is an event you don’t want to miss. The Romance Reviews is running Sizzling Summer Reads through the month of June.  There are 250 participating authors and publishers, and there are more than 200 prizes up for grabs during the whole month of June. Grand prize is a $100 Gift Certificate!

There are games to play each day. You MUST be registered with The Romance Reviews (don’t worry, it’s free!) to play and enter contests and drawings.

Examples of Games: There will be multiple choice questions / hangman etc and a clue (link will take you to book description to see if you can get the answer right.) How fun is that?

I’m being featured June 15, from 12:00am EST to 11:59pm EST! So don’t miss out!

I bet you wanna know what sort of prizes are in store! Tighten your bra straps because this isn’t even a COMPLETE list!:

Week 1 Prizes

$10 Ellora’s Cave Gift Card from Nancy Corrigan (sent via email)
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Upon Your Honor by Marie Lavender (ebook)
The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (book1) by Rose Anderson (ebook)
Untangle Me (ebook)
Special Interests by Emma Barry (ebook)
Isabel’s Awakening by TD Hassett (ebook)
The Road to Comfort by Becky Lower (ebook)
Miami Steam by Chantal Verlaine (ebook)
Wolf in Gucci Loafers by Tara Lain (winner’s choice of ebook format)
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Giveaway (ebook)
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Bag of swag and books (paperbacks)
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Lady’s Destiny by A.R. Von (ebook)
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Book: A Ring A Dance A Second Chance (ebook)
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Marketing 101 for Authors

This is obviously addressed to authors, but readers might find it interesting to see what we go through as well, so please feel free to stay non-authors.

As a disclaimer, I am not an expert. My sales rise and fall. But I’ve been in the business about a decade and I’ve seen what works. I’ve seen what doesn’t. Most of all, I pay attention to what READERS say. READERS – not other authors. More on this later.

I’ve followed the big boys and girls for quite awhile. I’ve had one-on-one conversations with a few of them who were generous enough to spend the 5 minutes chatting with me. I spent most of the time trying to act like a professional instead of squealing like  a fan girl, but still… they gave me their TIME.

I have a very altruistic nature. I care about this business.  I care about you, my colleagues.  I’ve given my assistance to other authors over and over and over again. I will continue to do so. I’m a director at the Erotic Author’s Guild. I host the Erotic Authors Panel. I’ve beta read, alpha read, reviewed and hosted for other authors. I’ve donated my time (which is already stretched too thin) and my money to the cause.

So What Now?

First of all, you too should do your research. Kristen Lamb is a social media expert. She has a few books out, which I highly recommend you buy. She blogs and gives advice away for free. You should follow her. Read her books. She’s a saucy broad from Texas and SHE LOVES AUTHORS. Follow people who are successful. Read. Read. Read.

Now I’ll get to Marketing.

Your Marketing Guide

1. Twitter – Stop auto-tweeting your book links. Readers HATE IT when their twitter feed is nothing more than ads. Engage people. Talk. Hell I tweeted with someone about #chopped (the Food Network Show) and got a DM from two people who bought my book just from cracking a joke about making dessert from Corned Beef Hash and Beets.

2. Don’t be an asshole. Seriously. Don’t do it. We hate used car salesman. Why do we act like them? We’re not selling Avon. We’re selling WORDS. Give them your words. I admit, out of desperation I tweeted ad after ads. Then I remembered I was acting like an asshole. No one likes an asshole.

3. Facebook – Okay, Facebook replaced MySpace and gave us all these cool features: groups, events etc. Problem is, it’s entirely overused. I just clicked on my FB profile to check my stats. I’ve been put in 20 new groups this week (without my knowledge) and have… wait for it… 300 INVITATIONS TO EVENTS. Book launches, cover reveals, follow parties… you name it. What the EVER LOVING FUCK??? Most of the people I don’t even know. I’ve never spoken with them. How did I get here?

It’s like waking up drunk at a party you didn’t remember going to. Not cool.

4. Be gracious. Be giving. Be ALTRUISTIC. – Now I hate book pirate sites. I hate them because they have no right to give away my stuff. I WANT TO GIVE IT AWAY.

What? Anita! You can’t make money giving away books!

Wrong! I track everything. In a decade I’ve given away over 2,000 books. When someone says, “I put it on my TBR or Want List on Amazon,” GIVE THEM THE GODDAMNED BOOK. Email them and offer it to them. Why? Because they’ll remember you. It will impact the reader. You gave up that two bucks and what you’ve received in return is a FAN FOR LIFE.  There’s no better marketing tool than a complete stranger going on and on about how they love an author. Besides, it’s a gift. Everyone likes gifts.1416350_91168614

And you don’t know why it’s on their TBR list. Maybe they have a sick family member at home and they’re financially tapped. They only have $10 in disposable income. But they have 30 friends who love books and aren’t in the same situation. Don’t be greedy. You’re investing that $2 in royalties. And, you’ve probably made a Street Team member you’re totally unaware of.

5. Everyone is hopping on the Street Team bandwagon now. Buyer beware! You must must must reward your street team members. Don’t use them as your doormats. They’re not doormats. They are your TEAM!

6. DO be yourself. Don’t treat people like shit.  But if you’re shy – talk about it. Lot’s of people are shy. They will RELATE TO YOU. If you’re witty, snarky and a downright wiseass. . . others will like you (and some won’t.)

7. Don’t be a jerk to other authors. Even if you hate them. I have one I hate and I have to fight myself EVERY DAY not to out her as the condescending HAG she is trying to throw us back to the Victorian Era EVERY FUCKING DAY! If she were on fire, I wouldn’t piss on her to put it out.

8. STOP MARKETING TO YOUR COLLEAGUES. We are not your mothafuckin demographic!

9. Buying ad space. I just spent all my disposable income last month on ad space. I’m tracking it now. I WILL post where I put the ad and the results when they come in. Why? Because I want you all to be successful.

Dear God! What now? I’m terrified!

Relax. The best piece of advice (and often the most repeated) by successful authors (one making 100k a MONTH!) is: Just Keep Writing. Write more books.

I know it feels like a high school popularity contest… and it is. Except the pool is bigger. There are freaks, weirdos, comedians, stoners, loners, loud mouths and others. You’ll find your crowd and they will LOVE YOU.

Most of all… don’t bitch at folks who leave you less than favorable reviews. As a very wise woman once said, “You can be the tastiest, most delicious green apple in the world. Not everyone likes green apples.”

Seeking Minions – er- a Street Team

Would you like to join my Street Team? AdvertisementI write contemporary erotica and I need your help! A street team would be a welcomed addition, one I desperately need.

What’s in it for you? Minions Street Team members get ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of my books before they’re available to the general public.  You’ll give your input and vote on swag you’d like to have / see for offer.
I will do giveaways of swag, books and Amazon Gift cards.Twice a year, I will give nifty gifts to the team members who do the real dirty work, get down and dirty and promote the hell out of my work.  Gifts include: Kindles, gift cards, books and other swag. The more books I sell, the more I earn and the bigger prizes I can offer.

Those interested can Alpha and Beta read as well – giving you first insight into the novels.

Learning from Painful Reviews

After a decade in this business, I’ve grown some pretty thick skin.  As an erotica author, we have our own particular set of challenges.  Religious zealots will “friend” you on social media just to tongue lash you for how you earn your living.  Creeps will do the same to try to sext.  **eyeroll**

But one thing never changes, and that’s how what our readers feel, affects us as writers.

There’s nothing better than getting a 4 or 5 from a book reviewer or total stranger. BUT…when you get an unfavorable review from those same folks, it can gut you.

Delta from The Romance Reviews gave me a 4 star review on The Beginning, Book 1.  I remember reading her review.  It filled me with warm fuzzies.  But on Book 2, she only gave me 3 stars.  Now a 3 star review isn’t horrendous, but it’s what she said.  Here, let me share her words.

ULTIMATE VACATION is book 2 in the Dirty White Candy series and I don’t recommend reading it without picking up book 1, The Beginning, first. While I enjoyed the first book, I thought book 2 was very “eh.” There simply wasn’t any storyline or plot added to all of the decadent sex this time around. I’m all for erotica, don’t get me wrong, but personally I prefer my stories with at least a little bit of substance. The only real thread of a story in ULTIMATE VACATION was Candy realizing that she had real feelings for John and that, yup, John can have lots of sex with just as many people as she could. 

Speaking of John, his character changed from someone with feelings and emotions and a deep romantic side to pretty much a piece of man meat by the end of this book. Maybe because all of the women treated him like one, but his character just didn’t have much depth past the first few chapters. Candy was on her journey of self-discovery and admittedly fairly selfish about it, which I appreciated. It made me like her character more because of her honesty with John about their state of the union. I also really enjoyed her snarky inner monologue; it was realistic and not always sunshine and roses and sex. 

The kicker for me was the sketchy editing, which cancelled out the hot ménage, orgy, bisexual and group scenes that were well written. I will finish what I started and read the third book in the series, Trading Places, but ultimately, I was pretty disappointed with ULTIMATE VACATION.

What really punched me in the gut was one word… disappointed.  I let down a reader.  I know, I know…it’s just ONE reader. Other’s may love it (and have) but she had high expectations and they weren’t met. And to be fair, there were things about the book she liked.

I always appreciate the time reviewers take to read the novel then write the review.  And while her disappointment really bothers me, in the deepest emotional way possible, it’s still helpful.  I can learn from her words; soak them in and digest them.  No, I’m not going to contact her and explain my point in Book 2.  Because it doesn’t matter what MY POINT is. It only matters what the reader feels.  There are no excuses, no taking back disappointment, no changing her mind. She either loved it, or didn’t.

I’ve seen writers lose their shit with bad reviews.  They attack the reviewer instead of taking it as a learning experience. They call them out on Facebook as a “bad reviewer.”  This is bad behavior on the part of the writer…and this is the difference between a writer and an author. An author is a professional.  Listening to and accepting criticism is an opportunity for growth and an author recognizes this.  My professional hat is on. While the review is crushing (I know I’m stupid, I still got 3 stars!) it is an awesome opportunity to learn and learning I am.