#mynameis Anita Cox – Never Trust Facebook

I haven’t been on facebook much the last few months. I suffered a back injury and honestly, I would have done nothing but whine. So I kept my posting/scrolling to a minimum.

But I’m in groups on facebook that are important, groups I’ve PAID to have access to. I’ve taken expensive training courses where updated material is added.

On May 19th, I went to my millionth doctor’s appointment for my back injury. As I waited to see the doc, I pulled up facebook and bam…I was suspended and had to prove my identity.

Screenshot 2017-05-19 12.05.53

I apparently impersonated myself. So fine, I reluctantly sent them my driver’s license. After FIVE hours and several messages, my regular profile was reinstated. The minute it was, they shut down my Anita Cox profile.

Insert tears.

So I’ve paid for courses through Nick Stevenson and Mark Dawson. This has given me access to private groups and content. I can no longer get to those groups. I imagine if I contact them, they’ll help me out, but that’s my time, and theirs, robbed because of Facebook.

Then….there’s my fan page. I am the only admin on my fan page so now, I’ve lost SIX YEARS worth of work. I’ve sent them signed contracts, mail, etc. and still…I’m banned. BANNED!

There’s literally no customer service at Facebook. There are bots that spit out responses…maybe. I’ve received no response from them whatsoever, I’m just still locked out.

We live in a day in age where everyone is on social media. We also live in a world where identities are stolen all the time. Why does Zuckerburg and his underlings need my driver’s license, bank statements, mail, and other identifying information JUST TO BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA? Jesus, it was easier to get a home loan than to prove I am Anita Cox? That I operate as Anita Cox, have for years. They’re costing me time, money, anxiety.

There’s no guarantee I’ll ever see my page again. None. No one to reason with over at FuckupyourlifeBook.

They want this information so they can share it–so they can expose you. Forget the money I’ve spent on ads with Facebook. Forget that my BUSINESS is attached. They can rip away your contact with the world…just because.

And don’t give me the Community Standards bullshit. There are TONS of people online who operate under a pseudonym. Tons. Authors and other professionals use them all the time. Facebook has made it so that you cannot reply to people during events and whatnot from your fanpage. They made this mess and you have to try to navigate the waters that they change at whim…because they can.

And after SEVEN years of being on facebook as Anita Cox they rip it all away in ONE day. My contacts, my livelihood…threatened by them for no apparent reason.

So, I’m going to sit here binge eating Hershey Bars, chasing it with strong coffee while I figure out how to proceed. If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll stick some xanax in the next chocolate bar and just slip away into the night, never to be heard from again.

We need a different platform. We need one that will be easy for people to switch to because this…this is awful and I’m not the first, nor the last, person this has happened to. One author’s post I just read quit writing entirely. She was doing very well until some dickweed reported her for impersonation. It was all downhill from there.

Why I remain #notchilled

While I do have some limited legal knowledge (like, I can read the stuff) after some years as a legal secretary and quasi paralegal, this is in no way, shape, or form legal advice. That shit’s expensive. Like Tony Stark expensive!

oh robert

Moving along: first, if you have no idea what this is about, ePub Ellora’s Cave sued blogger Dear Author. The suit, as it appears to many, is an effort to chill free speech, hence the #notchilled hashtag.

I’m often asked why I’ve been active on the #notchilled hashtag on Twitter and why I insert myself into the discussions online. Do I have any books with Ellora’s Cave? Nope. Am I a contractor with them? Nope. Am I affiliated with Jane Little and Dear Author? Nope. So why?

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution, that’s why. I also have a White Knight complex and when I receive messages from other authors saying they’re AFRAID to speak up…my blood boils. Don’t sweat it, I’ll say it FOR you and you can eat popcorn. The fact that someone has to have true and real fear just to speak the truth is abhorrent.

Recently, I participated on an online discussion started by Anne Rice regarding an article that was posted where Jaid Black (owner of EC) blames Amazon for her troubles. Incidentally, she’s blaming Dear Author for the same thing. The *cough* always classy Ms. Black joined in as well. Clearly, this woman hasn’t received one piece of PR advice in her entire life.

I digress.

What burned my ass most of all was that Anne Rice openly admitted to not having read anything about the caseat all. Then she hops on the “EC will have their day in court” bandwagon. I’m sorry…what? The business is accused of: defaulting payments, mailing checks out months after they were written, mailing envelopes sans date stamp, and not paying its authors. And…you want to support them. (Cries as hero falls off pedestal.)

I argued with Anne Rice. What was most upsetting was I never even had the opportunity to go all fan girl. Never did the star-struck reality hit me. I was too disgusted at what I witnessed.

head bang

ignorantia legis neminem excusat

Ignorance excuses no one.

How can someone, seemingly so intelligent, someone who battles bullies all of the time, jump on the side of someone attempting to bully another party into silence? What the actual fuck? The irony…it kills.

Pardon me while I empty the contents of my stomach into porcelain.

An author…one who makes their living from their books, who expects to get paid for said books, film rights etc. is going to throw support toward someone NOT PAYING THEIR AUTHORS (allegedly)???

We have the right to this discussion (Thank you 1st Amendment.) Anne Rice has the right to her opinion, no matter how uninformed. I have the right to say and think what I want and trust me, I blabbed. I blabbed a lot. I even tweeted that I could not “watch AR suck JB’s ass anymore. I’m out.” Was she literally sucking on the anus of JB? Probably not. It’s a figure of speech… SPEECH. Because, we have that right.

Now, onto the suit. Here’s my two cents.

Defamation is really hard to win. With any suit, you must state a claim where relief can be granted. For example: Neighborhood dickbag bashed in my mailbox. I have him on video. I sue Neighborhood Dickbag for $145 for a replacement box plus court costs. That’s relief. (Think about insurance, it’s to indemnify or make one whole. Relief is to make you whole again.) Defamation is no different. State a claim, how it hurt you, and how much it will take to make you whole again.

Defamation requires that you prove the Defendant acted with malice. That…that’s very difficult to prove. Unless you find, during discovery, an email from Jane Little stating, “Let’s burn this bitch to the ground with a pack of lies,” you’re pretty much screwed here.

Truth is also a defense in a defamation suit. Affidavits have been filed by those who went unpaid by Ellora’s Cave. Dear Author also had citations in her article listing the numerous tax liens against Tina Engler (Jaid Black), demonstrating the poor financial decisions that have been made…for years. She did her job. She demonstrated that she had every reason to believe what she wrote was true and that she was reporting on a publisher in the industry. The financial situation over at EC certainly seems to be in turmoil. Hell, Jaid Black is pointing the finger at everyone other than herself, but even she admits to some issues.giphy

There are other foundations of a defamation suit that must be met in order for a judge to rule in your favor. But like a house of cards, remove a leg and the house falls down. Little’s attorney has already removed a few legs and the house…well, it’s teetering.

IMHO, this case has already been won by Dear Author. It’s just a matter of time and procedure at this point.

Court of Law v. Court of Public Opinion

Let’s talk about Bill Clinton for a moment. I’ve joked for years that giphy (3)he should have just admitted to smoking weed and to banging Monica Lewinsky. Why? Truth. Do you know how many college kids have smoked dope? It’s not a big deal. You’re young and allowed to make stupid decisions. Clearly, if you’re a candidate for president, you’ve overcome those stupid tendencies. And admitting being a stupid college kid??? That makes you human, relatable, and gives Saturday Night Live writers excellent material.  As far as Lewinsky? That was a matter between Mr. & Mrs. Clinton. It was really none of the country’s business. Who cares if he played hide the sausage with her? They were both adults. Infidelity isn’t a presidential issue, it’s a marital issue. Instead, it became national news and a media shit storm. Didn’t matter what the court said. We all knew he did it, just as sure as we were all certain OJ was guilty.

When EC decided to sue a blogger, many who hadn’t seen the article, who didn’t know who EC or DA were, now did. Instead of making a public statement that the company had suffered some losses but that they were working on making things right, they attempted to shut DA up.

Bad move.

Not only do you now look guilty of covering up the truth, you look like a bully. Those who are still waiting for money are sick to death that precious funds are being spent on a lawsuit instead of fixing the accounting issue, paying royalties that were due and rehiring some of the folks who had been laid off. This is what the public sees. This is what I see.

I see authors posting pics on social media of envelopes sans date stamp; of checks and royalty statements they receive now for months and months ago. I see people posting 1099 discrepancies in ECs favor. I see a sock puppet (pubnt) spewing insider knowledge of a company and then pleading with the court stating they know nothing, claiming to be legal bloggers.  (Bitch, please.) Which is it, you know something useful or you know nothing. Which is it?

PubNT a team of legal bloggers?
PubNT a team of legal bloggers?

As a mother, I’m constantly preaching to my kids about taking personal responsibility. Yes, things can happen to you, but sometimes, you’re at fault. I have a truckload of respect for those that can say, “I fucked up.” We all make mistakes. It’s part of the human condition. It’s forgivable if and only if, you take responsibility and take steps to fix said mistake.

Crystal Ball, Crystal Ball, what do you see?

giphy (2)

What do I think happened? I think EC grew too big too fast. I think someone spent money that wasn’t theirs to spend…for a while now. I think they priced themselves out of the market. I think they lack Public Relations in a major way. I think they’ve based business decisions on nepotism, rather than fiscal responsibility. These are just my opinions, and I’m entitled to them…and I have a constitutional right to publish them here. After all, this is just supposition at this point. I’m not stating facts here, just what I think happened.

I believe DA (has already) will prevail. They’ll win the suit, and the counter-suit. Jane Little is an attorney. I can pretty well assume that she knows the difference between journalism and defamation. I believe she’s proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that her article was researched, that she had proof from authors, editors and the like before she even drafted her article.

I believe PubNT is either Jaid Black’s former roomy or her paralegal friend, but no…these are not legal bloggers and I don’t believe for one second this person is unaffiliated with JB or EC. Either way, the veil of secrecy is about to be lifted. giphy (4)

I also see future problems from the publisher, if they can’t hop on board and do some market research. This suit has damaged their reputation. As authors speak about their fears, other authors (and up and comers) hear them. They pay attention.

Calling authors not published by your company “slush pilers” is also going to do long-term damage. You can’t insult those with which you’d like to do business.

I believe JB will continue to cry that everyone is out to get her, misquote  her, and make every attempt to dethrone her. She’ll continue to say things online that make us shake our heads. She’ll continue to blame, DA, Amazon and indies for eating into her profits. She’ll continue to make bad business decisions like painting a bus in lieu of making responsible business decisions and she’ll eventually have a nervous breakdown.



Acknowledging when you’re wrong…ouch

I hang my head in shame… Yes. I do.

I was answering questions on a YouTube video and… it was about The Amazing Atheist.  I’m not an Atheist. Case in point, I can’t spell it correctly…thank you SpellCheck. But I did grow up going to church three times a week, plus bible camp, plus…youth group. So why do I like him? Because he has intelligent arguments.  Because TJ and I would probably share a frosty liberation if we knew each other and I would offer to touch up his nails… for being not-mainstream. Many other reasons, much deeper but…while I’m a huge fucking sinner with the potty mouth from hell… I also grew up Christian.

I like hearing the other side of the coin. I like people that make me THINK. This may seem fucking weird. I understand. How can I be a fan of someone who is against everything I know in my heart to be true? Because, believe it or not, an Atheist can teach you to be a better Christian. Whattttttt?

It may seem like I’m getting off point, but stick with me. As a “believer” which TJ, the dude behind The Amazing Atheist believes to be delusional, it is education to see what drives him bat-shit crazy. Basically, stop being a fanatic and trying to “save” people who don’t want to hear it. He makes sense…but feminism also pisses him off.

The reason I bring up TAA and TJ is because if it weren’t for him, I’d never have known Laci Green existed.

Laci Green is a feminist. And the reason I hang my head in shame is that in this video 

I said, “Fuck you, Laci Green.”

Oh God… I did it. I insulted a total stranger and I did it on the net for the world to see.


Mostly…because I’m an idiot. As a Scorpio, I’m quick to judge and passionate about my convictions. But I didn’t really know Laci. I still don’t. I intend to do a YouTube video apologizing and recanting. I’ve emailed her and asked for a dialog, which I do not expect a response to, but… one can hope.

What she said that set me off to being with…

She said (paraphrasing) that drunk sex is non-consensual sex (i.e. rape.) My rebuttal was that I enjoyed drunken rowdy sex with my spouse.

Where I failed: The Yeti (spouse) and I nearly always discuss this ahead of time. “Hey, let’s get drunk and fuck,” sort of stuff. Laci’s stance, “If she’s unable to stand or legally drive, it isn’t consent.” Again… I’m paraphrasing. But she and I don’t REALLY disagree, now that I’ve taken a few damned minutes to do a bit more research.

I said some hateful things about this woman. And I will issue an apology via YouTube, the same platform where I verbally assaulted her. (Yes, shame…hanging head.. profusely.)

I don’t agree with her 100% on some issues, and that will be more clear if she agrees to open a dialog. But I firmly believe I can still be supportive of folks I don’t agree with 100% of the time.

It isn’t like I don’t agree with the feminist agenda, it’s just that the fantatics piss me off. But so does any fanatic, because I believe fanatics are crazy, except for those trying to save the dolphins, but that’s a post for another time.

So what changed my mind about Laci Green? The better question is what made me think about my statement.? Well, I saw this:

Ok, so she likes erotica…which objectifies women. Maybe I misjudged her. She has the same EXACT view I have on 50 shades of abuse.

Perhaps I judged her too quickly. Perhaps I let my fandom of TJ (TAA) cloud my judgment.

Whatever the reason, I owe this woman an apology.

I should not have said, “Fuck You, Laci Green.” I, for damned sure, should not have made a speculation out of the fact that she doesn’t shave under her arms… this is a societal norm for where I live, but then again, so is gay bashing, which I will not tolerate.

Laci Green, I’m sorry. I do hope you not only accept my apology. I do hope you open a dialog with me. You, after all, might not have the same exact views I share. However, you are fighting for women and how dare I…


#notchilled Asshat of the MONTH

Asshat (1)

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to shoot a video. But those familiar with my videos know about my Asshat of the Week.

Well…today, still unable to shoot a video for various reasons, I bring you the Asshat of the Week Month.

Anyone who follows the #notchilled hashtag to stay abreast of the Ellora v. Dear Author case knows about the nut, the psychotic egg, the toxic egg (the nicknames go on and on.) Around the time of the filing of the lawsuit and the #notchilled hashtag, a new Twitter user popped up @Pubnt who claims to be “Scouts for Publisher Protection. Not associated with Ellora’s Cave.”

Ehem. I’m really hoping DA’s lawyer subpoenas Twitter then the IP holder for the nut. I digress.

For those of you who aren’t following and have no clue what #notchilled is about, let me expand a bit. Sometimes, lawsuits are not filed because someone was injured and seeking relief. Sometimes, lawsuits are filed to chill speech. Hence, the #notchilled hashtag. Not until all facts are laid out in this case, will we have proof whether or not there was defamation (though most exhibits filed by DA have already showed she had reason to believe otherwise.)

So this “Scouts for Publisher Protection. Not associated with Ellora’s Cave,” joins the #notchilled hashtag and does nothing but inflame over and over again – the very definition of a troll. The irony? The very first act by this so called scout was to tweet all major publishing houses.  But don’t take my word for it. PUBNT

The very first tweets by this troll were to scare authors from even discussing the suit. The tweets were written to frighten authors and bloggers from discussing the possibility of the allegations made. This is an example of an effort to CHILL FREE SPEECH.

I despise bullies and IMHO that’s all this Twit does. The sole purpose of this account seems to be to inflame, enrage and bully.


My letter from Mr. Bezos

Ok, technically it wasn’t from him directly, but I did get a letter from “The Amazon Books Team.” What did it say? “Email Hatchett, tell them to stop acting like asshats and CC us.” Okay, that might not be a direct quote, but you get the idea here.

Now, there’s a lot of opinions popping up and my inbox exploded with requests after it became public. Why? Because while Ms. Cox might be only a few years old, as I’ve said in the past, I’ve been writing and publishing for almost a decade.

But Anita, you’re with a publishing house – Liquid Silver. How did you get a letter?

See the paragraph before the last. I self-publish my other works. So yeah, I was asked to basically crash Hatchett’s email server. Um…no thanks.

As I said, others are talking. If you wanna read about Blow Jobs and Dog Butts you can go to my hero’s page. Yeah, yeah, I know he’s a crotchety old fuck who bitches a lot. But he’s a great writer and funny as hell. Oh yeah, he sells a shit-ton of books. So yeah – HERO.

If you wanna read about Being Amazon’s Bitch, you can go check out my co-director at the Erotic Author’s Guild, Selena Kitt. Now Selena and I often have differences of opinion, but I have mad respect for her and she makes excellent points. So go, read her article too. You should get every side of this coin before you come to your own conclusion.

Enough about the other authors, Anita. Tell us what you think!

Okay – here it goes. No, I will not email Hatchett and cc Amazon. Why? It goes back to the training I received YEARS ago in sales. WIIFM(What’s In it For Me?)

I actually benefit from this little pissing match between Hatchett and Amazon. I benefit if Amazon loses and I benefit if Amazon wins. WHAT? That’s right. Let Hatchett collude. I don’t give a shit, they’ll get censured for breaking the law. LET THEM price their eBooks at $30 a piece. Because that leaves the market for me, and those like me, WAY THE FUCK OPEN.  People who are unwilling to buy an eBook for over $10 (and I’m one of those penny-pinching little twats) will look elsewhere. They’ll look at other authors. They’ll forget James Patterson existed because…why buy his eBook for $13.50 when they can get a different book in the same genre for the price of a cup of Starbucks?

Okay, but what if Amazon wins?

This isn’t my fight. As a consumer, yeah, it’s my fight because I don’t want to pay through the nose for an eBook where there’s literally zero manufacturing cost. There’s zero distribution cost, except for the retailer (like Amazon.) They have to maintain the ability to store and distribute the eFiles and as more and more books get uploaded, that ability needs to expand. So ALL of the expense is on Amazon’s shoulders.

If Amazon wins and Hatchett has to offer their books for the same price? Then as long as I have great cover art, they’re now on my level – giving me more exposure. People won’t expect a self-pubbie to be in the same line as the BIG SIX.

It’s a win/win for me. Either way, I really don’t give much of a shit. And Amazon has given me no incentive to fight for them. I know there are authors that bitch about Amazon and I’m not really one of them. It’s easy to publish on Amazon. It’s not easy to make it to their top-sellers list, but that’s on me — to write great books and market like a maniac.

Some authors bitch that Amazon will take down their books. Uh, yeah, if you have topics in your books that they find offensive, then they are under zero obligation to sell them.  This is the same with any retail outlet. This is why record labels have to issue censored CDs. Because another giant (WalMart) won’t sell explicit music. It’s quite literally SALES 101.

And… as such, if you want to write about rape and incest then spend a little of your time and money and make your own publishing house – or submit to one that accepts it. Don’t blame Amazon for having standards.

Honestly, I think Hatchett is acting like a truck-load of idiots and I agree with Konrath – they’re getting their authors to act like a truck load of idiots too.

There are two titans fighting and I’m not getting in the middle of it. I’m just a little piss ant toward the upper bottom of the food chain. I’m not even making enough money at this to pay my mortgage, so leave me out of it.

This is how I feel about the situation. You may or may not agree but Selena is right – Amazon could sweeten the deal for us a bit.

Hatchett could pull their over-sized head out of their over-sized ass and think about their FANS. Because you can smear Bezos and Amazon all you want in the public eye. You look like a child throwing a temper tantrum because you didn’t get enough lunch money from the kid you just beat up. I am that kid. I am a major BUYER of books. I buy books every single month and guess whose books I’ve stopped buying?  Yours.



Why didn’t I follow my own advice?

Warning: This will be a serious post until the end… where I promise some sexy and some funny just to keep it Cox. This is my most giffy post to date!

A little background on Momma Cox for you. I’m German, Irish and Indian. Clearly, more German and Irish than anything.  What this means is that I’m fun to drink with, and prefer laughter over anything else but I have a wicked ass temper that sometimes leads me to trouble.

And, while I know every rule in the book, I break them occasionally in a fit of rage moment of stupidity.  Yesterday, I did something I’ve never done before. I trolled a page – it was a page against Planned Parenthood. My intention was to inflame these fucking idiots and watch the carnage.



What ended up really happening was that I got pissed.  The flames of rage boiled inside of me until I argued with these idiots for hours. Yes, hours. I don’t have this kind of time. I’m working on two novels. I’m also the publicist for a rock band I’m launching and I’m not getting enough sleep. headdesk

I have nothing against Pro-Life activists. They want to argue Roe v. Wade until the cows come home, that’s cool. There’s plenty of Pro-Choicers out there armed to the gills with information and time to argue with them.

But BUT BUT BUT!!!!  When you start condemning contraception and sex education?explosion

What the ever loving FUCK?  We need MORE sex education.  Not less. We need to teach young adults that there are all KINDS of sex they can practice safely that has zero risk of pregnancy and practicing safe(r) sex reduces risk to their health, the health of others and unwanted pregnancy.

This specific page targets Planned Parenthood because they apparently offer abortion. I can tell you, the Planned Parenthood locations around my area do not do this. They provide free or low cost contraception, from oral contraception to condoms. They educate as well.  They are an under-appreciated resource, IMHO. Correction – they do offer the morning-after pill which I guess is abortion. Whatever, I’m not debating abortion.

In a world where teenage pregnancy is glorified through TV, I feel better knowing there are organizations out there to help girls prevent it. 200

I want less of that. I want more strong, successful and educated women. Not 15 year old girls raising babies.

Now because this post has been way too serious for my taste, I’m going to leave you with something delicious.

oh robert
Oh Robert!


rdj 2
Yes! Yes you are!


Just a little.


200 (1)

200 (4)
On My Way Baby!

200 (3)

Is Erotica in Danger from Amazon?

So, are my books going get pulled from Amazon?

There is no short answer to this question. After a recent blog post from one of my colleagues had worried another I started to dig. First, I’m not going to just cite the blogs of other authors – that’s a rumor. I don’t spread rumors, or I try not to. Okay, maybe I gossip a little but what I’m looking for here are facts. This is an important issue so… let’s see what I can find.

Trigger Warning!

First, a bit about me. I survived child molestation. I’m also a wife and a mother. So, this isn’t totally unbiased and I’m going to swear so. TRIGGER FUCKING WARNING.

I’m also a US Citizen so when I talk about “society, values  and laws” it’s our culture to which I refer.

What’s being pulled?

The sick fuck who wrote the Pedophiles Guide is in jail. The judge denied his request for a lower bond…Yes, his book was pulled. It violated the law (thankfully there are laws on the books on the subject matter.) We, as a society, have decided raping children is bad. As a mother – I’ll cut off your dick and feed it to you if you come anywhere near my children.

When it started

In the fall of 2013 (thereabout) there were a plethora of books yanked by Amazon. Some were put back up, some were not.

Lily White’s book was taken down and never put back up. Some of Selena Kitt’s books were also removed.

The Guideline

But we have to remember that there is a reason there’s a taboo list. Almost every single publishing house has a list that looks something like this:

  • Pedophilia
  • Rape or incest
  • Necrophilia (does not pertain to vampires or other “undead” characters)
  • Hate messages to any race, gender, religion, or sexuality
  • Bestiality
  • Sexual content with participants under the age of 18

Why? Because society has deemed this indecent, illegal and immoral. Bestiality is one subject where we can walk a fine line. We can have shifters/werewolves etc and have the sex… but not in animal form. You have to know where that line is.

Crossing into pedophilia and incest??? I have my own feelings on the matter and those feelings are pretty strong. Obviously.

Rape for Titillation

This, believe it or not, is getting it’s own section for a reason. Rape is bad. Rape is evil. Rapists deserve to die.

But Anita? What about Rape Fantasies?

Exactly. Some willing participants actually act out rape fantasies with their partners. I’m sure Freud would have a field day with this issue, and I’m no psychologist. But if the participants are actually WILLING and CONSENTING but ACTING it out, there’s nothing wrong with it.

A survivor can actually use this as a healing tool. How? Well, for one, the “victim” can set the parameters. They tell their partner the scenario they desire then the two enact it later on. So the “victim” is actually in control. As a survivor, I can tell you that this can be quite liberating.

But it’s not for everyone. And it can actually trigger things like panic attacks and flashbacks. The scars left behind from rape, molestation and other childhood trauma run deep. For some, they never heal. That’s why there’s community standards regarding these topics. BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT TO ENCOURAGE RAPE, INCEST AND PEDOPHILIA.


Censorship exists to protect the innocent and to set some standards. I have mixed feelings on censorship myself. I have no desire to fall back into the Victorian Era’s puritanical ideas of what is decent and what is not. But for Christ’s Sake, a Pedophile’s Guide isn’t something we want available for sale. Thankfully, Amazon used better judgement when it was brought to their attention. And the guy is now in jail, probably where he belongs.

As authors, we have to exercise some common sense. We can’t slap a pornographic cover on our book, then bitch that it got pulled. You can’t write taboo topics then whine that it got yanked. Why?

Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You!

I think some of these authors who are complaining forget one small detail. If it weren’t for Amazon starting the self-publishing revolution by giving us a gateway to our readers, we’d be stuck with only vanity publishers as our only outlet. And that, folks, would be a crime.

Amazon is still a business. They have their own community standards and if you want to publish through them, then you have to follow those standards. You are not ENTITLED to publish your work through them. They ALLOW you to do so.

Amazon is our largest and most powerful friend. But if we consistently spread rumors about them being the bad guy… why would they continue to help us?

Amazon has been the Indie champion for awhile now. They are the main retail outlet for us. Don’t attack them for having standards. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Where are all of the news articles?

I searched for awhile. I found blog posts and Kindle Forum discussions but not a lot in the way of reputable news outlets reporting on the issue. So it’s not a big issue IMHO.

So authors, quit freaking out. Use a bit of common sense when writing your books. Understand the guidelines with the retailers. Follow them.

And if your book gets yanked? Sell it on your own site. You have that power.