Goodbye #Facebook

So, a month ago someone reported me as as impersonating myself. My original account was locked and I sent them my driver’s license and promptly signed up for LifeLock since, you know, I had to send my driver’s license over the fucking internet.

Within 5 minutes of getting my account restored, I was immediately locked out of my Anita Cox account. So, I sent all my pertinent information to facebook again. Because yes, I do have the required documents to prove that I am also Anita Cox. See, I’m an author, writing under a pseudonym. It’s totally allowed; see countless relevant articles about writers, journalists, drag queens, etc. who had the same fight over using their authentic name, and pseudonym.

I have to say after trying diligently for a month, even Comcast has better customer service than Facebook (which is completely non-existent.) You can only fill out forms, which go unanswered.

So, I have no access to my groups…which is how most authors connect. I have no access to the multiple accounts I used FB to sign on with because…I was stupid enough to trust Facebook. Hell, I even have NO ACCESS to my own fan page. Sweet.

The sad part is, I know who is responsible. I know who reported me and created this mess. It’s the same internet bully who has given so much grief to other authors in the romance community because he has nothing better to do.

I have four books that are getting ready to be released. Four. And I have no access to the largest social media platform whatsoever. Awesome.


One thought on “Goodbye #Facebook

  1. That totally sucks! I hope you can get Facebook to help you soon. Thank you for sharing this with other writers. For sure I’m not going to use a pen name now. I’ve been trying to go with my middle name for a few years, but who knows, maybe that will get me in trouble, too. It’s insane. Some bright entrepreneur should set up a business for authors to document their pen names for the moron AI computers that control the internet – and protect us from the sociopath trolls who can’t distinguish evil from fun.


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