Oh my dear author babies. There are so many people out to get you.

no-spam-1444548-639x629 There are a lot of assholes out there who will give you rotten advice, but the worst, has to be to advertise, NONSTOP, especially to other authors. When someone accepts your friend request, do not instantly send them a PM to like your page, vote for you, etc. Don’t tag all of your new friends in posts about your book. It’s asshattery at it’s finest.

Don’t be this guy. asshat

But there’s a specific kind of predator I’d like to warn you about. My mailbox is FULL of this trash. There are those out there who are making a KILLING, selling you the $5 secret to building your mailing list, or fan page, or the Secret to Making THOUSANDS through Kindle.

Don’t. Do. It. Don’t click on their link. Don’t send them your hard earned money. You’ll make them richer and there’s very little in the way of solid advice. What they’ll do is get you on the hook to send them another $5, $10, or more.

Spend your money on cover art, editing, marketing, advertising. But don’t support these vampires whose only purpose is to suck you dry. They have websites, YouTube Channels, and self-help books galore.

The only thing they’re good at is selling you a dream.

Buyer Beware.

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