Writing advice from my teenage son…

I managed to get the spousal unit to give me Sunday to work. It’s a challenge because he’s my social butterfly and hates to sit alone.

So I’m in my office working away when my son strolls in. “Oh, are you writing again?”

Now…I’m sitting at my laptop, notes everywhere and MS Word clearly up on the screen. I smile and nod anyway. My boy is interested though, and that makes me feel pretty good. He’s fifteen and the fact that he even cares that I exist beyond feeding him is impressive.

“What are you writing about?” He sits on the bed…yes, there’s a bed in my office. Because, naps.

He knows I write smut, so I give him the short answer. “Aliens.”

His eyes widen. “Well, you’ve got my attention. What aliens?”

I can’t help but smile. He usually doesn’t care what I write about, or that I even write. “The Asgard.”

Now he’s standing again and I can see that he’s about to nerd-out on me. “Asgards as in Thor?”

“Yup! It’s still an erotic romance.” I remind him what I do and he rolls his eyes.

“Mom, do not puss out Thor like they did in the Avengers. He’s a warrior, not a puss. Seriously, people will hate you.”

I’m laughing at this point because I know what he’s picturing in his head…Helmsworth, naked on a bearskin rug, holding a girly drink. “Duly noted son.”

I will not “puss out” Thor, as my son suggested. Because…people will hate me.

Yes, I’m still laughing.

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