Where did 2015 Go?

Oh my God! I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already. This means that 2015 is rapidly coming to a close.

It’s been a decent year, and a year of change. At the end of March, I started a new job to support my writing habit 😀 Seriously, my eldest needed braces and I began looking at my retirement portfolio. In order to get where I needed to be, I had to do more than write books.

dark fantasy sorceress woman, composite photo
Lady winter is haunting!

At first it made me sad, but honestly, it was the best for my family. I’m still writing, but it just happens at a slower pace now. Maybe one day, I can go back to it full-time.

I recently stepped down from the Erotic Author’s Guild. It wasn’t an easy decision. I really do love helping other authors. I realized I could still do that, without the headache of being on a Board. Again, I’m okay with this and I wish all of the members the best.

I realized I hadn’t posted since December 1!!! That’s because I’ve been incredibly busy. I started two different books… oh yes, this is a first for me. One has been designed as a stand-alone and the other is the beginning of a new Erotic Sci-Fi/Romance series that I’m just loving.  Dual writing has been weird. Very weird. But it’s kept that portion of my brain active and that keeps me happy.


2016 is looking like a decent year to come. I will be at the North Iowa Book Bash at the end of April. I am very excited to be a part of this growing event.

This month has been so full of shopping, writing, and baking that I literally lost track of time. It wasn’t until I sat at my computer and saw December 24, 2015 on the screen that I realized how fast this whole year has gone.

Mother warned me this would happen!

So, I wish you all a Merry  Christmas (if you celebrate it,) and a Happy New Year!

As always, thank you all for sticking around, buying my books, writing reviews and your comments.

~Much Love,


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