As a reader…

I took the spawn out for a Mother-Daughter date, something we haven’t done in quite awhile. We hit Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, then ended at Noodles & Company so I can get my Pad Thai fix.

While at Barnes, I found myself frustrated. We perused the entire store and when we went to the romance section, which took up the entire back wall, it hit me why I now buy most of my reading material online.

As an author, we toil over covers. We either go back and forth with our publishing house (let me cry again about my Dirty White Candy covers) or spend big bucks paying someone else to make covers that pop. Whatever the case, however you go about it, the cover is super-dooper-uber-extremely-important. It is what causes someone to pick up the book, flip it over and read the blurb. It’s the first line of defense in the buyer’s decision to purchase.

Along the back wall, all you could see, for the most part, is the spine. That’s right…the motha-freakin’ spine.  So, if you go to a brick and mortar store you should probably know WHO you’re going to buy because unless they’re a top seller (Sylvia Day, JR Ward) the cover won’t be displayed. Top that with the fact that some of the shelves were seven feet high…

As a reader, or rather, a buyer, it was difficult for me to enjoy the buying experience. The books they push are on tables at the front of the store. There’s limited space, I know…

Adding to the frustration to buying from the brick and mortar store was that the romance category was all lumped together. There are so many subgenres of romance it would have taken me half the day to search for…say…paranormal romance, biker romance…etc.

Nope, they were in alphabetical order by author name. **headdesk**

What did I purchase?City+of+Bones I haven’t touched it yet but it looks like a decent read. It wasn’t what I intended to purchase, but after an hour of frustration the shiny cover (yep, it’s shiny, not that you can tell by this picture) caught my eye. After holding it in my hands for a few, I decided to buy it. It’s not my usual reading material, but it looks interesting enough.

When I buy online, I search for the genre and subgenre I want. Then I peruse covers until something sparks my eye, then read the blurb. That’s my buying decision.

I don’t want to see bookstores disappear. And the point of this is…I came at this from the reader’s perspective. I just wanted to buy a good book. It shouldn’t have been that frustrating.

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