Hide and Go Freak

Oh I realize it sounds like a kinky game, and sure, I’ll share some of those with you (as I always have.) But this post won’t be about that.

From March to July of this year, I worked harder than I’ve ever worked before. Spending 13-16 hours a day on writing, editing, blogging, marketing, etc., and with the help of a dedicated, but brutal editor, I put out four books in five months.  That’s almost a book a month…and not a novella or serial like some authors are resorting to… novels.

In the meantime, my eldest needed braces. I looked at my lack of retirement savings, Amazon’s experimentation with how to make money, and realized, it was time to go grab a day job. I’ve been writing and publishing for ten years. I’ve carved out a nice little place for myself among my peers. But I need things, and so do my children.

I started the new job (which wasn’t on days, mind you) at the end of March. I managed to publish books in April and July. I was exhausted…spent….frustrated. So, I backed off social media and…well, I did this.


I just sort of disappeared. Oh, I popped onto Facebook from time to time to reassure folks I was still around. Just as I was about to get back into the swing of things, I was switched to the midnight shift.


Now I had to try to figure out when to sleep, when to eat, and when to get ANYTHING done. Yes, it is a challenge to sleep when the weather is beautiful outside… My house slipped into something close to filth and squalor and I went some days on as little as 3 hours of sleep.

That doesn’t lend well to creativity. But, I have great benefits. The pay isn’t bad, and I now have a Pension and 401(k)! Whooo hoooo!

But…I must write. This isn’t a hobby for me. It never has been. I take it seriously and let me tell you… if I don’t write, my head will explode!

Many authors have full-time jobs. It’s simply the reality of trying to compete with a very diluted pool. Amazon keeps starting new programs…like KU that just GUT our income. A library option is great for the reader, but when you make ten cents on the dollar (or less) so that they make subscription fees…it’s not hard to see who is getting the short end of the stick here. It takes months of hard work, money, and expense of time with family to craft a full-length novel. I keep mine priced reasonably. Sidenote: I also read a lot! When I buy a “novel” for $5.68 I expect to be able to enjoy for more than TWO HOURS! I will never throw a novella at you for more than a freakin eBook should cost. Jesus!

The point of all of this is, rest assured, the Shifter Chronicles will have it’s finale. I also have a Dystopian/Sci-Fi series I have started engineering. I love creating new worlds where the possibilities are endless and this one…has me excited.

Because I’m not going away anytime soon. Hell, I fight like a girl, and these stories WILL submit to me.

fight like a girl

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