Acknowledging when you’re wrong…ouch

I hang my head in shame… Yes. I do.

I was answering questions on a YouTube video and… it was about The Amazing Atheist.  I’m not an Atheist. Case in point, I can’t spell it correctly…thank you SpellCheck. But I did grow up going to church three times a week, plus bible camp, plus…youth group. So why do I like him? Because he has intelligent arguments.  Because TJ and I would probably share a frosty liberation if we knew each other and I would offer to touch up his nails… for being not-mainstream. Many other reasons, much deeper but…while I’m a huge fucking sinner with the potty mouth from hell… I also grew up Christian.

I like hearing the other side of the coin. I like people that make me THINK. This may seem fucking weird. I understand. How can I be a fan of someone who is against everything I know in my heart to be true? Because, believe it or not, an Atheist can teach you to be a better Christian. Whattttttt?

It may seem like I’m getting off point, but stick with me. As a “believer” which TJ, the dude behind The Amazing Atheist believes to be delusional, it is education to see what drives him bat-shit crazy. Basically, stop being a fanatic and trying to “save” people who don’t want to hear it. He makes sense…but feminism also pisses him off.

The reason I bring up TAA and TJ is because if it weren’t for him, I’d never have known Laci Green existed.

Laci Green is a feminist. And the reason I hang my head in shame is that in this video 

I said, “Fuck you, Laci Green.”

Oh God… I did it. I insulted a total stranger and I did it on the net for the world to see.


Mostly…because I’m an idiot. As a Scorpio, I’m quick to judge and passionate about my convictions. But I didn’t really know Laci. I still don’t. I intend to do a YouTube video apologizing and recanting. I’ve emailed her and asked for a dialog, which I do not expect a response to, but… one can hope.

What she said that set me off to being with…

She said (paraphrasing) that drunk sex is non-consensual sex (i.e. rape.) My rebuttal was that I enjoyed drunken rowdy sex with my spouse.

Where I failed: The Yeti (spouse) and I nearly always discuss this ahead of time. “Hey, let’s get drunk and fuck,” sort of stuff. Laci’s stance, “If she’s unable to stand or legally drive, it isn’t consent.” Again… I’m paraphrasing. But she and I don’t REALLY disagree, now that I’ve taken a few damned minutes to do a bit more research.

I said some hateful things about this woman. And I will issue an apology via YouTube, the same platform where I verbally assaulted her. (Yes, shame…hanging head.. profusely.)

I don’t agree with her 100% on some issues, and that will be more clear if she agrees to open a dialog. But I firmly believe I can still be supportive of folks I don’t agree with 100% of the time.

It isn’t like I don’t agree with the feminist agenda, it’s just that the fantatics piss me off. But so does any fanatic, because I believe fanatics are crazy, except for those trying to save the dolphins, but that’s a post for another time.

So what changed my mind about Laci Green? The better question is what made me think about my statement.? Well, I saw this:

Ok, so she likes erotica…which objectifies women. Maybe I misjudged her. She has the same EXACT view I have on 50 shades of abuse.

Perhaps I judged her too quickly. Perhaps I let my fandom of TJ (TAA) cloud my judgment.

Whatever the reason, I owe this woman an apology.

I should not have said, “Fuck You, Laci Green.” I, for damned sure, should not have made a speculation out of the fact that she doesn’t shave under her arms… this is a societal norm for where I live, but then again, so is gay bashing, which I will not tolerate.

Laci Green, I’m sorry. I do hope you not only accept my apology. I do hope you open a dialog with me. You, after all, might not have the same exact views I share. However, you are fighting for women and how dare I…


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