Guest Post – Lissa Trevor, Shifting Currents

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A New Breed of Paranormal: Techs


Lissa Trevor

 In my post apocalyptic, erotic novel Shifting Currents humans have survived a cataclysmic meteor strike to Earth.  The last time a meteorite crashed into the earth with this much power, it shattered the land into the continents and probably killed off all the dinosaurs.  This time, some humans have mutated powers in order to adapt to the changed climate.  Shape shifters were the first to manifest.  Shifters are the most common mutation.  The rarest is the Tech.

Techs have the ability to be a conduit for the energy in the atmosphere, from the wind or the feeble rays of the sun as it tries to push through the cloud of ash the meteorite has launched into the atmosphere.  Once the Techs have pulled in the energy, they can transfer it into an electronic device that has been salvaged from the wreckage.  A portable music player or DVD player can be charged for a few hours at minimal risk to the Tech.  An electric car or truck could very well cost the Tech their life.  However, during an electrical storm, they could probably do it without injury.

In addition to dust, ionized particles and contaminants in the air, there are also radio waves still playing bits and pieces of strange songs and old dramatic and comedic performances.  Those require nothing but concentration for a Tech to bring down the pieces from the E-layer in the atmosphere to a radio or a device.

Bethany, my heroine in Shifting Currents, does this when she’s angry or passionate about something.  Here are sparks of radio that she’s channeled:

  • The Blue Danube Waltz
  • Who’s On First – Abbot & Costello
  • Crazy Blues – Mamie Smith
  • Fibber McGee and Molly
  • The orchestras of Count Basie, Benny Goodman, and Cab Calloway
  • Our Miss Brooks

Bethany is a fan of jazz and radio dramas.  But her favorite thing is a functional media player, which she bought with a year of her service to the Orange Grove clan in Florida. Because Techs can obtain information, they are highly sought after as teachers for the tribes that are striving to rebuild civilization and the power grids.

There isn’t any formal money system anymore.  If you want something, you barter or trade for it.  If you need bread, you can see if the baker will swap some loaves for the animal pelts you’ve tanned or whatever your specialty is.  If you don’t have a specialty, sex is a valued commodity.

When Bethany rescues his sister, Lucas offers him the use of his body to repay the debt.  Even though Lucas is a Shifter, the pull of desire he feels for Bethany makes him offer to be her lover instead of her enforcer.  Because of her abilities, Bethany can buy any lover she wants.  But she doesn’t want Lucas in her bed because he feels obligated.

A Tech charges a great deal for their services.  While a Shifter uses his or her enhanced speed and strength to protect or hunt, they heal faster and tend not to take a lot of damage.  A Tech uses his or her body as a power source and risks themselves with each pull.  And everyone who has a piece of electronics needs them to power it up.

What electronic device could you not live without?

bookShifting Currents

Lissa Trevor

Genre: Erotic Paranormal

Publisher: LooseID

eISBN – 9781623001667


Number of pages: 191

Word Count: 60,000

Cover Artist: April Martinez

Book Description:

After the meteorite wiped out civilization and most of the population, it took thirty years to scrabble together rudiments of society again. Sex is the main currency, for those who haven’t mutated special abilities.

Bethany, a Tech, is able to channel electricity through her body and charge up electronics. When she saves a Shifter girl about to be sold at auction, the girl’s brother, Lucas, offers to repay the debt with his body. While Bethany would love to have Lucas at her beck and call, she’d rather have sex with someone who wanted her as a partner instead of an obligation. But unable to resist the sexy Shifter, she agrees to his terms.

When an opportunity presents itself to travel cross the ravaged countryside to loot the remains of California, Bethany believes this is the best chance for her to find her own brother, a rogue Shifter on the run for a crime he didn’t commit. Lucas wants to go, too, to free his Shifter pack.

The caravan members are expected to provide sexual services to the owners in exchange for passage out and back. As the lines between pleasure and payment become blurred, Bethany struggles to remain human while the pull of the energy feels good enough to leave her meat sack body behind. Can Lucas learn to ground her against the shifting currents?

Available at Loose ID  Amazon  BN  iTunes Kobo

lisa trevorAbout the Author:

Lissa Trevor has her stilettos firmly entrenched in the romance community. Spank Me Mr. Darcy is her debut novel from Riverdale Avenue Books. She is a frequent reader at Manhattan’s Between The Covers events, where her novellas Wild Oats and Timelash from Coliloquy’s Entwined volumes 1 & 2 have been very popular. Lissa also created an erotic story template for Coliloquy’s ValEntwined promotion that allowed readers to download a personalized ebook starring themselves and their significant other.


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