Why didn’t I follow my own advice?

Warning: This will be a serious post until the end… where I promise some sexy and some funny just to keep it Cox. This is my most giffy post to date!

A little background on Momma Cox for you. I’m German, Irish and Indian. Clearly, more German and Irish than anything.  What this means is that I’m fun to drink with, and prefer laughter over anything else but I have a wicked ass temper that sometimes leads me to trouble.

And, while I know every rule in the book, I break them occasionally in a fit of rage moment of stupidity.  Yesterday, I did something I’ve never done before. I trolled a page – it was a page against Planned Parenthood. My intention was to inflame these fucking idiots and watch the carnage.



What ended up really happening was that I got pissed.  The flames of rage boiled inside of me until I argued with these idiots for hours. Yes, hours. I don’t have this kind of time. I’m working on two novels. I’m also the publicist for a rock band I’m launching and I’m not getting enough sleep. headdesk

I have nothing against Pro-Life activists. They want to argue Roe v. Wade until the cows come home, that’s cool. There’s plenty of Pro-Choicers out there armed to the gills with information and time to argue with them.

But BUT BUT BUT!!!!  When you start condemning contraception and sex education?explosion

What the ever loving FUCK?  We need MORE sex education.  Not less. We need to teach young adults that there are all KINDS of sex they can practice safely that has zero risk of pregnancy and practicing safe(r) sex reduces risk to their health, the health of others and unwanted pregnancy.

This specific page targets Planned Parenthood because they apparently offer abortion. I can tell you, the Planned Parenthood locations around my area do not do this. They provide free or low cost contraception, from oral contraception to condoms. They educate as well.  They are an under-appreciated resource, IMHO. Correction – they do offer the morning-after pill which I guess is abortion. Whatever, I’m not debating abortion.

In a world where teenage pregnancy is glorified through TV, I feel better knowing there are organizations out there to help girls prevent it. 200

I want less of that. I want more strong, successful and educated women. Not 15 year old girls raising babies.

Now because this post has been way too serious for my taste, I’m going to leave you with something delicious.

oh robert
Oh Robert!


rdj 2
Yes! Yes you are!


Just a little.


200 (1)

200 (4)
On My Way Baby!

200 (3)

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