@RevMach #Takeover of #Rock Music

Let’s shift out of literature and into another favorite art form of mine… ROCK MUSIC.

Let me introduce you to Revolution Machine011

Personally, I haven’t found a rock band to enjoy since probably the 90s. I don’t like to be screamed at and I miss the magic the music possessed from the 70s to the 90s.

Last month, Revolution Machine released their first CD, titled Chapter 1. Revolution Machine Cover  The music is hard but the singing is not. You can understand the lyrics and the hooks of these songs are just the earworm I’ve been waiting for.

You can hear samples of all of their songs BY CLICKING HERE.  Their CD is popping up everywhere. iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody – anywhere you find music. I wish I could embed the media player here but WordPress is a stickler for anything monetized.

If you like Spotify – you can listen here too 😉 https://play.spotify.com/album/2lwm2aonLVPXmk30GOlg8k

The band consists of Mike Buckmaster on Bass and backing vocals; Steve Mullican on lead vocals and guitar and Dave Eskridge doing his magic on the drums. Don’t let the three piece fool you – you’re going to swear this is a 5-piece band! The sound is rich and full.

Revolution Machine completely sold out of the first run of physical CDs ON THE FIRST DAY!

So where can you find these dudes?




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