A peek inside me…

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Chain mail… I’ve been hit with this twice now and each time, my head literally hit my desk. But when Ann Gimpel asked me, I couldn’t say no to her. Ann is a sweetheart and a fantastic writer, so I just couldn’t say no to her.

So, for this little task, I have to take a good hard look at me, my writing and the process. I have a few questions to answer, so here we go.

What am I working on? Well, I’ve made no secret that my “other name” is Kim Mullican (and there’s no erotic writing associated with that name.) I’m currently researching and brainstorming for a Dystopian novel. Since it’s in planning stage, I can’t really give a blurb… because I don’t have the full idea yet. Aside from that, I’ve been marketing my ass off and trying to maintain my sanity.

How does my writing differ from other books in my genre? Well, they’re written by me, for one.  I am a strong-willed lass with German, Irish and Indian blood coursing through my veins. I usually write strong female leads, no sissy-pants-whining little girls in my books. Go big or go home. The inner monologue is usually on the funny side, because I’m a wisenheimer most days.

How does my writing process work?  When I started this adventure a decade ago, I just sat and wrote the movie playing in my head. My, how I’ve grown. Until last year, I sat next to the picture window in the front of the house. I covered it with dry erase marker, using it as a story board. The neighbors teased me, calling me “a beautiful mind.” Frequently, I’d catch the mail man trying to read what I had written on the window. I’ve since moved to the basement and purchased an actual white board. I plot out the main ideas and then let my pantster take over.


I’m supposed to name another author, however, everyone else I know has been hit with this little survey so this has to die here… except for I have to post again on July 7th. And that, has another author tagged.


No more! No more chain mail! Aggghhhh


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