How to Masturbate – The Powerful Woman

Okay, so it’s not big secret that my Dirty White Candy series was less about romance (but there’s romance in it,) and more about the incredible sexual journey of the main character, Candy Kavana.

The main theme through all of my books (remembering I write non-erotic fiction as Kim Mullican) is a strong, empowered woman. I like strong women. I want to be Sarah Conner wielding an AR-15 saving the world from future robots… okay, that’s a bit of a stretch, but still.

I’ve found a channel on YouTube called Sexplanations. The channel host is Dr. Lindsey Doe, a Clinical Sexologist and she’s prepared to talk openly and honestly about sex.

With the erotic romance genre thriving, and the general population moving further from Victorian Era women-shaming, we are now more free to experience our sexuality with less guilt, less shaming and less stress.

And we already know, stress is a libido killer.

Anywhooo – Dr. Linsey talks in this video about masturbation. She talks about how to scratch that itch in various ways and to keep healthy. She stresses that masturbation is health care – ehem – for down there.

Don’t take my twisted-ass word for it – watch it.

5 thoughts on “How to Masturbate – The Powerful Woman

    1. I would venture to say that anyone, male or female, can find creative ways to choke the chicken, polish the knob, beat the meat etc.

      Just gotta think outside the box *juvenile snicker*


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