Am I drooling?

So I unplugged from the internet for a few days. I checked messages and then shut everything down but email… because I can’t miss those.

I just sat and wrote. I managed to pound out 15k words Tuesday. I was on a roll, loving my characters and the way the story line was going.  Today, I slapped down another 5, which seems puny after getting 15 written, but 5k words is nothing to spit at.

Photo courtesy of Stock Exchange.
Photo courtesy of Stock Exchange.

While I’m feeling quite accomplished this is sort of how I feel. I’m certain that I’m drooling on myself and I confess, I’ve walked into a couple of walls today.

This is the life of a writer… 8 hour days are a joke. An 8 hour day would be a vacation. I spend upwards of 13 hours a day either writing or marketing. This is on top of my main responsibility as a wife and mother.

I am happy to say, I’ve hired an assistant part-time to help with the marketing and she is AWESOME! She’s really taken some of the marketing burden off of me so I can focus on what I need to do… write more books.

Tell me what you’re doing! How are you juggling work, family and other responsibility. Tell me how to make my back stop hurting. Tell me anything.

I want to hear from you.

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