Contest Winners and other Drivel

First and foremost, Happy Memorial Day. While you’re sitting there in your beer soaked shirt with remnants of barbecue sauce on your face, don’t be a twatwaffle – thank our past and present service men and women.

On to business, only ONE of the FIVE winners of the giveaway have bothered to claim their prize.  I’ll give you until Friday, May 30th to contact me.  If you forgot what the hell I’m talking about go HERE.

And if you don’t claim your FREE BOOKS… I’ll come find you.

serial killer photoshopNo. No I won’t. So please contact me so you can get your books. What’s the point in a giveaway if I’m not giving shit away?

So all three books from my Dirty White Candy series have been released.  I’ve been marketing my ass off. I’ve paid for ads. I’ve joined shit to spread the word and I’m even paying a minion to do some of my dirty work.  What does that mean?  I’m in the fucking red.

It’s okay. These things take time and HEY, it’s a tax write off.  The less money I pay the IRS the fucking better.

The Erotic Author’s Guild has nailed the thieving douchenozzles who pirated my books to the wall and got them to remove my stuff from their site.  I love the Guild.  If you haven’t become a member (authors/cover artists/editors) then you should.  Click the LINK HERE to learn more. I have no problem giving books away, but no one has the right to do that but me.

I’m currently looking at events and seeing what my budget can handle.  And I’m working on a new novel. Excuse me while I do a dorky happy dance.

I fail to mention to people that I write other stuff.  Yep, I do. Anita Cox is just a penname so my readers don’t get confused, but I do write crime fiction and suspense as Kim Mullican. Yep, that’s my real name.  Some authors use a pen name to hide their identity. I use it so my fans don’t get confused.

So, if you’re into books that aren’t full of sex in addition to the erotica I write, I invite you to check out my other work. Some of it is pretty goddamned disturbing, so make sure you read the description before you buy. Because you might just piss yourself, and while it’s warm and cozy at first…it can get quite uncomfortable in just a few minutes.



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