Off comes the mask!

When I first created Anita Cox, I wasn’t sure how to approach her… my alter ego.  I also write under my real name and I didn’t want to put off my non-erotica fans, or create any confusion.

But with Book 1 being released by the publisher in less than 24 hours, I’ve found my answer.  This is me, who I am.  My parents, my spouse and my children know what I write. My parents are proud and have read everything I’ve ever written, include the complete flops that got lost in never-never land.

The Dirty White Candy series is all about empowering my main character, Candy.  She finds her ladyballs and has the courage to live out loud.

It’s high time, I learned to follow my own advice. Therefore, and without further ado, here’s me with no mask.  (And this is sort more anti-climactic than I thought it would be)  😉

A new pic3 g

2 thoughts on “Off comes the mask!

  1. Such a wonderfully beautiful face–why hide it under a mask?….besides, we in the writers’ community dutifully support you and love your work. So proud and happy you’ve finally out in such a way that now nothing is left to question. All that remains is that teaming urge inside you to create and continue to reveal the awesome stories being birth in you….
    Welcome to the REAL world!


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