Drive Your Woman Wild!

Before anyone starts throwing buckets of hot tar and bags of feathers at me, this is not an anti-quickie post.  Quickies have their place and time.  However…

Most women can’t climax in the 90 seconds it takes for a quickie.  Building some tension and excitement and prolonging the love-making session can increase the odds of a woman, damp with sweat, gasping for air and unable to walk because her legs are still shaking.

I’m going to tell you how to get there.  Interested?  Continue below.

First and foremost, we women have more erogenous zones than you think.

  1.  The wrist:  Yep, the wrist.  Not sexy for you, perhaps, but sweet kisses, little licks on a woman’s wrist can be very titillating.
  2. The neck:  Please, forget the hickeys.  Hot breath on the neck, gentle kisses, brushing of the lips on the nape of the neck all can make a woman crazy.
  3. The stomach:  This can be tricky due to the fact that we can be ticklish.  However, teasing her stomach with light strokes can get her mind thinking about the region she wants you in… so hang out there for a few.
  4. The inner thigh:  For the same reason the stomach is erotic, so is the inner thigh.  When you stimulate this area, it gets the blood flowing in the right direction.  Take the tips of your fingers or the back of your nails and brush this area lightly. (Trimmed nails are a great idea.)
  5. The buttocks:  Now I’m not telling you to give your girl back door action.  Especially if she’s not into it.  A butt massage actually feels fantastic.  But be certain not to pull her ass cheeks apart.  That can actually be painful.  Pain for her can mean your disappearance.  Tread lightly.  A massage or gentle strokes are recommended here.
  6. The back of her knee:  Different women respond differently to this area.  For some, it’s highly ticklish.  But remember, the skin is very thin here, so a sensual touch can have a very exciting response.  Pay attention to her.  If she’s jumping, move on.
  7. The small of her back:  This is a great area of a little attention.  You can maneuver here to or from the buttocks.

Second, the idea here is to nip (no teeth, just lips) massage, kiss or lightly lick these areas.  Get her motor going and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at her reaction.


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