Lost your G-Spot? Let me help you find it.

I take the female orgasm very seriously.  Mostly because I’m a woman and I like orgasms.  Who doesn’t?

One of THE most popular questions I’m asked is where to find the female “G” Spot.  The “G” is short for Grafenberg spot, named after the German gynocologist who located it and published about it waaaay back in 1950 (which makes me question why it’s still so damned hard for men to find.)  I digress.

First, some nifty medical diagrams for you to view. 

Courtesy of Toxicologia2009.com
Courtesy of Toxicologia2009.com

And another:

Courtesy of furiouspurpose.me
Courtesy of furiouspurpose.me

This is difficult to find unless already aroused.  Once aroused it will become swollen and a bit stiffer.  It may even feel a little rough.  If you feel like you have to pee – then you or your partner have found it!  It’s very close to the bladder, so the pressure sort of pushes on the bladder.  Don’t worry, the more it’s stimulated the less you feel like you have to pee.

Now, the instructions: When your lady is excited, insert finger(s) palm up.  Now, don’t try to scratch her insides (trim fingernails please) wiggle your fingers like you’re telling her to cum here 😉  Okay, I couldn’t resist.  Shoot me.  

Now, in case you have not figured it out, you can also stimulate this little guy with the head of your cock.  Think angles.  Get a damned protractor if you must.  For guys with a curved penis, this could be a little easier.

Go… now… find your G-Spot.  You can thank me later, when you catch your breath.


3 thoughts on “Lost your G-Spot? Let me help you find it.

  1. Love it! This info is wonderful. There has only been one gentleman who took the time to do this for me. I was glad I read up on it to know it sort of feels like you wanna pee.lol. Needless to say I thought the neighbors would have called the cops as he had me screaming at the top of my lungs…Thanks for this Author Anita Cox


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