Sexual Equality Please!

Ya’ll know by now that I’ve done Q & A.  I do a ton of research on sex, toys, movies etc.  I’m always looking to learn something new. I’m all too happy to pass along what I learn because, well, I like making people happy.   As long as you are willing to learn, you can grow.  The last thing I want to do as a human being is become stagnant.

But I really just got my panties in a twist.  Ladies – wanna get pissed?  Google this:  top bedroom tricks.

Now you’re throwing your beverage at the computer, right?  That’s okay, grab some paper towel.  I’ll wait.

What the FUCK?  Listen – men are guaranteed an orgasm.  Fuck, you can jack them off with a little spin in your hand and the deed is done for them.  Why are the top search engine results how WOMEN can learn?  I’ll tell you why, because we’ve always been willing (as a rule.)  Being a sexually active person, I can tell you MOST men have no fucking clue how to eat proper pussy.  How about some tips and tricks for those fuckers?

Women give way better face.  Just so ya’ll know.  I asked Mr. Cox to marry me and one of the reasons was his cunnilingus skills.  I found an awesome guy who could get me off too??? Hell yeah, I married him.

I’ll have to post some tips later.  Right now, I want you all to think about how to educate your men.  It’s great that WE want to educate ourselves and take charge of our own orgasms, but relationships are two-fold.  And Momma’s a little too pissed to be cheeky at the moment.

Much Love,


2 thoughts on “Sexual Equality Please!

  1. You go girl! Absolutely, spot on, correct! I’m tired of hearing how to make him get off, he needs to get a clue about getting ME off! Yes, you have to work a bit harder for it than we do, but aren’t we worth the effort? Come ON, get with the program, do your duty. We want to be satisfied too after all. Can’t wait to see the tips you post, guaranteed I will print them off and paste them to the bedposts…anything about g-spot detecting I hope? LOL! I’ll be watching for it!!!!!


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