Cool Azshit


I’m now deep into Dirty White Candy 3 and I have to tell you, it’s really hard to top books 1 and 2.  But I’m enjoying the story-line so far and I’m having fun adding twists, turns and clues along the way.

The most fun part of creating any story (at least for me) is watching it blossom like a flower from a seed.  In my other books (I don’t just write under this pen name) I write primarily mystery and suspense.  So including those little bits and pieces of goodness into my erotica has brought both of my genres together quite nicely.

The thing about erotica is that it ISN’T porn.  Porn is basically sex without art.  Erotica is a genre and by nature is art.  I truly believe what I do is an art form, as do many other erotica authors.

I don’t have anything against a good porn.

But we’ve grown as a society.  Sex isn’t as hush hush as it used to be… we may have gone way off our rockers during the sexual revolution, but we’re coming to a healthy open place where sex is concerned.  People are more open, more willing to talk and judging from the sheer choices in erotica novels, more willing to read and learn as well.

So while I’m diving into my next Pièce de résistance I hope you’re finding other great books to read.  I’m a big fan of Korner Kafe Exposed.  It’s a Facebook page devoted to novels that are erotic in nature.  I not only push my stuff there – I get great reading material there too.

Much Love.


3 thoughts on “Cool Azshit

  1. Eagerly awaiting the next book in the series! Get it out there, I will be O-N-I-T!!!!! Love how the experience you have between genres comes out in the erotica books, gives good, HOT sex a plot to follow that engages me mentally, as well as uh-hem, physically 😉 . Love what you do, keep it up!!!!!!!!!


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