It has been an absolutely nutty year thus far.  Due to financial constraints, I had to go back to work full time, slowing my writing tremendously.  If that wasn’t enough of a culture shock, we’ve had some family issues that have taken up entirely too much time, money and energy.   To my delight, however, my custody battle is nearing completion and my evil lawyer of an ex-husband won’t have the ability to make the kids, nor myself, miserable any more.

So what does that mean???  IT’S TIME TO FOCUS.  I have set aside some Butt-in-Chair time so that I can finish the third installment of Dirty White Candy.  So far, the heat in the story is building and I’m excited to bring the remainder of story to life.  I’m happy to report I laid down two very steamy chapters last night.

So I’m still here – even though Wednesday night Q & A is toast… even though I’m not blogging regularly… I’m here and I’m busy bringing you the next naughty adventure.

Much Love,



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