Is Sex Important?

How important is sex?  That depends on who you ask.  My husband seems to think that we should “do it” 4 or 5 times a day… but I got shit to do!

This is a topic is one of which men and women frequently disagree.  Women can’t even agree with each other, so how are we to find middle ground?

There are (depending on the source you review) health benefits to sex and more specifically orgasms.  Here they are:

  1. According to our British friends, men who orgasm two or more times per week have a 50 percent lower mortality risk.
  2. The University of Texas says it raises self-esteem.
  3. It reduces the risk of Breast and Prostrate cancers, though the Breast Cancer aspect is a bit controversial.  Sexual arousal in women causes the release of chemicals that have protective characteristics.  The controversial part comes in here:  When a woman has – ehem- received the “seed” of a man, it causes an immune response.  The research suggests that having more than one long term male partner may reduce the risk of breast cancer.
  4. Colds?  Flu?  Bang them away!  That’s right!  Having sex can bolster your immune system.
  5. Reduced risk of heart attack in men.  (Thank the Brits for this one again.  Man those people certainly enjoy their sex research.  Maybe my next vacation destination.)
  6. Fountain of Youth????  It seems sex 3 times a week has anti-aging properties.  While I read the article, I find this one suspect, but hey – WHY THE HELL NOT TRY!
  7. LADY BITS – I’m lumping fertility and menstruation into one category.  Why?  Because it involves the same destination and I like saying “lady bits.”  Sex (with an orgasm) can ease cramps and stave off endometriosis.  (I need subcategories, but wordpress isn’t cooperating here.)  Frequent sex keeps the sperm count up in men. If a woman orgasms after her man, then the semen stays in her longer increasing the odds of pregnancy.
  8. 85 calories…. Don’t believe the bullshit about sex being equal to a Big Mac.  I know a lot of horndogs that are chunky.  You burn 85 calories having sex… If you do a “marathon session” you might reach the 300 mark, but let us be real please.
  9. It has pain relieving properties and can induce a restful sleep.
  10. Frequent (and I mean 3 or more times per week) can increase the intimacy and bond within a couple. (It releases Oxytocin – that feel good hormone.)

Oh yeah, it’s fun too.  So, while the importance of sex is somewhat subjective, I have given  you some good reasons to GET BUSY!

Love and Pleasure to you all!

~Miss Cox

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