Love from Miss Cox

I’m so sorry for my absence as of late.  I’ve had a minor stalker issue to contend with.  Sad to say, it is unresolved.  Some people will search for ANYTHING to bitch about.

But you can’t keep a good bitch down.  So, moving on…

Q & A will resume on MY BLOG – here – MY BLOG – where I do and say whatever the hell I want.  It’ll reclaim the Wednesday evening time slot of 7 p.m. CST.  It will run approximately one hour (longer if there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered.)  You may ask me nearly anything.  Frequent topics are: sex, swing clubs, health, erotica, my erotica books etc.  This is pretty much “no holds barred” type of Q & A.

Now, this page and the Q & A is for Adults 18 and over.  It has mature content, foul language and sensitive subjects.  Minors are prohibited (by law in most states.)

You may post your questions anonymously below.  See you Wednesday!

Much Love,

Anita COX

4 thoughts on “Love from Miss Cox

  1. Glad to see it. I enjoyed these and asked questions every time. Although I am not a part of McBitches 2, I still enjoy your knowledge and look forward to it.


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