Fun with Cox

Q & A is becoming quite fun… just a reminder, Q & A is on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. CST.  I take confidential questions via email at authoranitacox (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Tonight, I’m giving B.J. tips.  We all know the men, they love their hummers – and I’m not referring to the 8 mpg military knockoffs that display a man’s penis issues.  I’m talking about going down, knob-jobs, blumpkin or knob-job.

First thing is first, get to know your man…does he like it better standing, laying down, sitting down??? Get him in his favorite position.

Now…if you want to be the best knob-gobbler around, you must be confident.  Pressure matters.  Don’t choke-his-chicken to death.  Get a grip, but no more than you could firmly grab a tomato without doing damage.

In order to polish his knob, you must be lubricated, so be certain you don’t have a dry mouth.  Now that you have him lubed up and comfy, remember than your hands are your friends.  Putting your hands in the “prayer” position, intertwine your fingers.  Now you’re going to do the dip-n-twist.  Dip your mouth down and twist your palms (fingers locked) from base to tip.  Alternate speed up and down and in the twisting motion… this will drive your guy wild.

For the experienced cock suckers out there, you know the man-berries below like a little attention as well.  Licking, sucking and massaging his baby-butter factory is a good way to add stimulation.

If you’re giving your man a Lewinsky, and he likes the anal play, you can also stimulate his prostrate.  I don’t recommend this if fellatio is the beginning act.  But if you’re goal is to bring him to orgasm, here are two ways to stimulate Old Faithful.

First, lick your thumb or finger and get it good and lubricated.  Then, gently stroke (X motion works well) over that firm area below his balls and before the bung-holey-o.  If he wants more, you can massage it from the inside using a finger.  If he’s never had anal play, start with the pinky… so he doesn’t freak out. (Trim your nails ladies.)

Finally, if you’d like to increase the intense sensation he feels, you can set a fan near you to gently blow on his man-sausage.  It’ll cool his tool, making the warmth of your mouth that much more sensational.  In the alternative, you can suck on some ice to cool your mouth and drive him wild.

So there you have it – some simple tips to make your knob bobbing experience more intense for your man.  Enjoy!

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