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As an erotica author and swing club owner, I get loads of questions.  So I’m going to open this up for Q & A.  You can either post a reply below, or email an anonymous question to me at authoranitacox (at) yahoo.com

I look forward to your questions.


14 thoughts on “Q & A

      1. so you plan parties and invite people to them at your club? I guess I pictured it differently. lol. are most of the people that attend, married couples?


  1. Anon asked me:
    How does a couple start swinging?

    This is the most popular question I receive. Deciding to swing is a huge step and you need to be certain each of you is ready. I personally think safe words are bullshit. Say what you mean, mean what you say. But some aren’t that comfortable saying, “I don’t like this. Let’s leave.” Do what makes you comfortable.

    There are websites where swingers can meet other swingers. There are varying levels of swinging. SLS dot com is a good site with tons of people from all over the world. You can be as open or anonymous as you’d like. Just strike up conversations with those that seem to have similar interests or boundaries. Then you can plan a “date.”


  2. “Bert” wants to know why we only allow two single men.

    Answer: Single men are by far the biggest complaint by single women and couples. Few single men seem to get what the “club” is about. It’s not just about getting off, though that’s a benefit. Too many guys, we call them “spankys” will just follow people around while …fap fap fap. It’s annoying and uncomfortable, especially for more passive folks who get up and leave instead of being verbal. When the Spanky follows them again, a lot of couples will leave. So keeping fewer single men there makes it easier for security to keep track of issues.

    Thank you for your question.


  3. Another question: What about condoms?

    Answer: I’m not certain as to what you mean. There are several varieties made of different materials. They come in different sizes, flavors, colors… some are lubed, some are not.


  4. ROFLMAO – to answer my next anon poster. Yes, I am a woman… for real. I have given birth twice to actual human children. That’s not my face in the photos. I hide my identity to protect my children.


    1. No, absolutely not. If you ARE bisexual, as a woman, you have a lot more options. But straight women swing/party as well. You just need to communicate that with anyone you want to play with. If you are bi-curious, just tell them. Most experienced swingers will go slow with you, and continue to ask you if you are okay.


  5. Okay Friends! I must leave you now. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to leave them. I will start doing regularly scheduled sessions when I figure out what time would be best. Until then…


  6. How long did you consider swinging before you took in that first experience, and how long was it before you felt comfortable with it? What kind of things could a new couple expect to see at an event, and is there anything that newbies seem to be shocked by frequently?


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