Benefits of Sex

Sex has health benefits?  You bet your sweet ass it does!  Ever wonder why that brand new relationship has you feeling like you’re at the top of the world?  Chances are you’re having sex, and a lot of it.  So other than feeling really good, how is sex good for you?

  1.  An old British study says that men who have sex two or more times a week are less likely to have heart issues.
  2. It can boost self-esteem.
  3. Orgasms boosts the hormone oxytocin (the love hormone) and some think it can prompt labor in pregnant women (a benefit if you’ve ever been 9 months and having to pee every 30 seconds.)  Who couldn’t use a bit more love?
  4. Oxytocin also promotes the release of endorphins.  Those feel good hormones also aide in the reduction of pain, menstrual cramps and headaches among other things.
  5. More sex/ejaculation in men reduces the risk of prostrate cancer in men.  So men, if you’re single, don’t skip the lotion… 20 times a month you must.
  6. Stronger pelvic floor muscles in women.  DO YOUR KEGELS.  You’ll thank me when you can laugh or sneeze without tinkling in your panties.
  7. Better sleep.  Insomniacs should and could use more sex in their life.
  8. Sex, especially when coupled with orgasm (sorry men, we just DON’T every time,) can reduce stress and aide in better blood pressure.
  9. Sex can also boost immunity.  One can argue that unprotected sex does the opposite, but we’re talking about the act here.  I’m assuming you all are responsible adults.  Your health is YOUR responsibility, no one else’s.
  10. 30 minutes of sex burns 200 calories.
  11. An orgasm can actually clear your sinuses. (As an allergy sufferer, I’ve never found this to be true, but so says the science.
  12. The more you have, the more you want.  For women, this means you’ll actually produce more testosterone, which is what aides us in becoming hornier women. (There’s a reason sluts are sluts 😉
  13. Confidence… pleasing your partner builds confidence.
  14. Sex has anti-aging properties?  It sure does.  Having frequent sex slows the aging process.

You’re welcome… now go bump uglies.

9 thoughts on “Benefits of Sex

  1. As far as number six goes…everyone tells you to kegel, kegel, kegel! But no one ever really gives any informative details. How often do you kegel? I’m thinking of this almost as an exercise regime, so I want to know how many reps and sets. Do ben wah balls help or hinder in the strengthening process? As a mother of a couple of c-section babies, I have noticed the damage and want to fix it!!! Help!!!


  2. Thank you for your question. I actually asked my OBGYN about this after the birth of my 2nd child (because I started to sprinkle when I sneezed… I was in my 20s and mortified.) Three times a day for five minutes. It will also make orgasms easier to come by and more frequent…. and for me, more powerful.

    You can increase this for your own comfort. The great thing is that no-one else knows when you’re doing this exercise 😉


    1. Great! Thanks for the info…one thing I have noticed is that after sex (a good round), my muscles feel so fatigued I can hardly clench them…does too much sex hinder the strengthening aspect of the kegels, or is it an overall advantage? Please say the advantage overcomes the fatigue!!! 😉


      1. I’d say after sex, you can skip the exercises. But I’m on doctor. Just like any muscle, they can get fatigued… it’s not like your leg and butt muscles that you use all day every day. Same as after a good laugh, your face hurts… know what I’m getting at? You can and SHOULD have these discussions with your OB. As much as we pay them, we should get tips from them on orgasms for free as well… *end rant*


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