Hot Buttons -Odd Reactions

While I plan to start a blog series regarding sexuality… this post has little to do with that topic.

For years, I’ve written novels mostly containing murder…and those novels have gotten quite graphic and disturbing.   Not too long ago, I decided to create Anita Cox and dive into erotica to have a little fun while still honing my craft.  The results were unexpected.

First, my parents wanted to read these books as well.  That was a bit awkward, but hey, who am I to tell my parents ‘no’?  Even more awkward was receiving text messages telling me how much they enjoyed my work.  But they’re my parents.  They love me unconditionally and I’m fortunate in this world to have parents that are still married and quite supportive.

But then, weird things started happening… things I did not expect.  There are nuts – religious and otherwise – that ‘friend’ me on Facebook, just to send me shitty messages about how I should be ashamed.  Half the time they mention that they read my book.  Uh, if it’s so naughty, why are YOU reading it?

But I digress.  The first two books in the series are selling okay, well, better than I expected.  I’ve done very little marketing because funds are very tight right now.  But they will get the attention they deserve in a few short months. The winter is just a difficult time for my family.

So, for you other erotica authors, I’m curious as to what kind of odd feedback or reactions you’ve received.  Please, do tell…

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