Responsibility as an Indie

I’ve spent years helping other writers.  The writing community, as a whole, are very helpful to each other.

But today, I find myself almost angry.  I won’t mention the author’s name for two reasons. 1) I don’t want to help push his garbage. 2) I’m not a dick and won’t damage him either.

A relatively new self-published author is on Facebook begging for reviews.  I checked out his book.  He’s asking $5 for a 12k word … I don’t know what to call it. But it will only take you about 30 minutes to read the whole thing.  The cover art looks like crap.  He’s got half a dozen of these on Amazon.  Only a few have 1 review, the rest remain with no reviews.

Here’s why I take issue with this.  First, as a rule, people begging for reviews offer a freebie or a sample.  So, in order to help him, you have to spend $5 to read what should be about two or three chapters.  Yes, 12k words is only a few chapters.  No thanks buddy… I’m not that willing to help.

The second reason is that as Indie or self-published authors, some of us work hard to establish a reputation for ourselves and Indies as a whole.  It’s douchers like this that cause the Kindle forums to light up with Indie bashing.  It makes us – as a whole – look greedy and unprofessional.

It gets better… he touts that his is quality work.  He needs an education.  If he sent just the sample of the book (which is probably the lion’s share of the book anyway) for a critique, I would red line the hell out of it and I’m not even an editor.  Adverbs ending in -ly are supposed to be used sparingly, if at all.  There are numerous examples of this in the very short sample.

So what do people bitch about with self-published authors?  Bad cover art – check.  Lack of editing – check. Greed – check.  Lack of professionalism – check.

Thanks dude.  You just added to what the rest of us work in overcoming.

I know this seems harsh and I also realize I’m ranting.  But Anita Cox is a brand new persona.  I’ve been writing non-erotica for years.  My books are selling well, but overcoming the cloud of doubt and suspicion some people have about buying from us has taken years to overcome.  We still have idiots like this setting us back.  I could scream.

So – I’m asking your opinion. 

6 thoughts on “Responsibility as an Indie

  1. Oh how I feel your pain. I see garbage like this all the time. I’ve been asked to review stuff that doesn’t even deserve one star. The only way to overcome people like this is to pass them by. Their Amazon ratings will warn others not to bother.


  2. As an indie, I’m still learning. But I know $5 for 12k words is wishful thinking.

    Nice tip with the -ly words, by the way. I’ll remember that frequently 😉


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