Author Laura Cooper

After reading 50 Shades of Lack of Character Development, I searched for better material.  After all, just because a book is traditionally published, and gets a lot of attention, doesn’t necessarily make it the best novel.

While perusing through what was available and downloading several freebies, I ran across Author Laura Cooper.  Both she and her husband Chris write in the erotica genre.  Laura decided to grant me an interview as well.

Laura’s book, SEMPER FI, was such a good read I couldn’t stop until I finished.  Her characters were like-able  relatable and she writes very good steamy scenes.  I found myself hot under the collar a few times.  I highly recommend diving into what Laura has to offer in this genre.  I give it 5 out of 5 stars.


Please help me welcome Author Laura Cooper.

Laura:  Thank you!  It’s a pleasure being here with you.

Anita:  The pleasure is all mine.  So tell my naughty bunch a bit more about you.

Laura:  I’m a stay at home mom who has just gotten our last child out of the house and off to college.  For the first time it has allowed my husband and I an opportunity to enjoy the peace and solitude of an empty house.  No more crazy kids bolting through our locked bedroom door with every kind of emergency known to man.

Anita:  So how did you go about writing erotica for the first time?  What made you pursue the genre?

Laura:  I was sitting around reading on my new Nook in January of 2011.  I mentioned to my husband that the best thing about it was that I could read anything I wanted and no one would know.  So, I downloaded an erotic book and it gave him the idea to write one himself.  I thought he was nuts.  In fact, I was a little mad when he wrote and published his first book.  But as the series took off, I thought, “why not?”

Anita:  I noticed that both you and your husband write erotica.  Does that help the heat at home?

Laura:  We’ve always had sort of a special relationship.  We are a blended family (children from previous relationships), and so when we met we sort of dispensed with the usual “getting to know you” crap and just sort of let it all hang out.  We are very open and honest about our feelings and desires, and quite frankly that has brought us closer as a couple.  So our “Heat,” has always been set pretty high!

Anita: Tell us about SEMPER FI.

Laura:  We were sitting around watching Fox News when Sandy hit the north east.  Being from South Carolina, we are no strangers to hurricanes.  I made a comment that without power and television, they’d probably have a lot of babies born in about 9 months.  It got me thinking about being stuck in a storm, or stuck in an airport, or something like that.  Perhaps even a sexy public scene would be cool.  Also, my husband is a former Marine, so I based his character sort of on him.  So, I sat down and started free writing, and voila!

Anita:  I was pleasantly surprised to find myself laughing out loud when I read parts of your book.  I really didn’t expect that in an erotica novel.

Laura:  Well, I find humor in so many things we do on a daily basis, so why not include it.  Some of the stuff just seems funny to me.  Perhaps it’s my warped sense of humor that makes it through in my writing.

Anita:  How many books do you have out?  Where can we find them?

Laura:  We have something like 38, 39 or so.  We probably have about 75 that are sitting around on our computers.  We are just sort of slow at putting them out.

Anita:  Thank you for your time Laura.  I really enjoyed your book.  Where can others buy it?

We are published on Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, Ibookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Diesel, Sony Reader, and probably some others that I’m not aware of.  Stop by my blog or email me at for more information!

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