Welcome to my Alter Ego

I’ve been writing fiction for several years now under my given name.  Several factors came into play, but mostly a very well known author, and my mentor suggested that I write erotica under a pen name.  He liked my writing and pointed out that I tend to add steamy sex scenes in all my books.

So I needed to come up with a pen name.  That part wasn’t easy.  Lucky for me, I married a pervert.  I sent him a text message while he was at work asking for him to reach into the depths of his dirty ass mind to help me come up with a pen name.  Let me tell you, his text messages throughout the day had me in stitches.  But alas, he came up with Anita Cox.

Now I’m starting over.  I’ve spent years building my brand and my fiction presence on the net.  Starting from scratch I am building an audience while editing my series, Dirty White Candy.

If you’re an Erotica author, I welcome you to contact me about interviews and reviews.  I may be also reviewing general fiction here.  I close my door to no one, unless you are a nitwit.

I’m happy to have a place to unleash my inner dirty mind, to swear freely and to welcome those like minded folks to my world.

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